Woman allegedly turns into goat while in bed with boyfriend, leaves him possessed

A shocking incident occurred at Mayuge village, Navakholo constituency in Kakamega county of Kenya, as a man claimed his turned into a goat while in bed.

Joel Namasaka, reportedly works as a shamba boy in Soi, told AFRIUPDATE that the agreed to be his but things changed upon reaching his residential house located inside his boss’ compound.

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Namasaka said; 

“I met the beautiful at Soi market when I was going back to where I work as shamba boy and talked about love. She agreed to be my girlfriend, so I requested her to accompany me to my residence, and she agreed.

“Everything was okay until when we entered my bedroom. The suddenly turned into a big goat with long horns made of the bottles of soda that we had just drunk.”

The man reportedly fled the scene and has allegedly lost his mind. His Peter Wawire said;

“I was shocked when I saw my son brought home by a bodaboda rider from Kakamega. A few minutes after his arrival, the boy changed and started behaving like a possessed person.

“He started burning his clothes, beating people, removing his trousers whenever he sees a and he is now eating uncontrollably. We have been forced to lock him up inside a house.”


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