Why I Said Many People, Footballers, Women Will Go To Hellfire – Mummy GO Reveals

Evangelist Fumilayo Adebayo, popularly known as ’s hellfire meme, has explained why she said that many people, including footballers, who do makeup, and those who don’t cover their hair inside would go to hellfire.

Mummy G.O had claimed many people are going to hellfire for playing football, doing makeup, watching comedy, including other reasons.

to many Muslim countries you would never see any of the Muslim wear anything that would open their body.

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“I have said it before, even in their dress. You will know that they fear God. Fifty years ago, no would enter without covering her hair.

“The God that didn’t allow any to enter without covering her air that God has traveled or changed? No will enter the mosque without covering her hair.

“I said many footballers will not make heaven because of the event that is about to come that will introduce the antichrist into the and it will come through the World Cup.”


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