Anticipate BEYOND EMOTIONS by Oluwafemi Adeniyi

Oluwafemi Adeniyi

Oluwafemi Adeniyi is a Content developer, Digital marketer and a Broadcast Journalist who is passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Sportscasting, critical thinking, reading, teaching and writing.

I am the founder of two platforms ( Clinic and Bank of Knowledge) where I teach about career, relationship and marriage from time to time with the aim of sharing my knowledge and experience to mentor and help people think outside the box and proffer solutions to life’s challenges that require logical and sound approaches.

Giving my well rooted experience in Broadcasting and content creation, I also co-founded a company known as SyncRio. This company has helped many Business owners to generate sound ideas on how to brand, package and network their products and services to achieve their desired results.

As a lover of sports and a Sportscaster, I also created two online platforms where many other lovers could interact and have fun by talking about the different sporting activities globally.

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I have mentored and still mentoring many people on Broadcast Journalism, Podcasting, Scriptwriting, News Editing, News reporting, News casting, Content development, Digital marketing, Audio editing, how to publish and sell E-book among other relevant digital skills.


This book is all encompassing, it X-rayed vital topics ranging from Career, Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, Compatibility, Friendship and Marriage.

Each Chapter of the book is well loaded with information that anyone who is aspiring to live a fulfilled life really needs to propel them to greatness.

In one of the chapters of the book, I profiled THE CHESS as a game and extensively talked about it and some of the life lessons that could help one make sound decisions devoid of emotional coloration. No doubt, playing chess requires some key skills, so, also is life and success.

The book also highlighted about 9 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN JOB AND WORK. I pointed out how many people are ignoring potentials that are huge enough to give them a fortune, all because of their inability to realize that it is possible to refine their gifts and make meaning out of their lives.

You need to check out this book to identify the differences between a Job and work.

Meanwhile, a portion of the book further pointed out how SELF AWARENESS has the potency to help people to make critical decisions. In this chapter I explained some of the qualities people need to about themselves before making decisions as it relates to choosing a Life partner.

Beyond the vital information in each chapter of the book, I also created columns that give room for practical exercise of self evaluation by asking and answering questions after each chapter.

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