What Makes it a City Worth Living In?

Picking a city to settle down in be a big decision! Of course, we want to choose a location that suits us, but we also have to balance that with billions of other necessities that pop up in everyday life.  Unfortunately, there’s no right answer for everyone. So instead, consider the solution for each of these following ideas and whether any of your dream cities fit that mold.

You Care About

Every city has its own unique identity.  From the artsy feeling of Toronto to the booming tech industry, you’ll see while looking at Vancouver homes for sale; you’ll quickly recognize the the city promotes. So, what type of culture do you want to live in?  Do you want a laid-back town that doesn’t take itself too seriously, or are you more about the exciting connection that come from cities famous for their sports teams?

Living You Afford

Although it would be fantastic to afford any city you set your mind to, most of us ’t.  The bigger the city, the more expensive the housing and cost of living will be.  Consider which cities are affordable to you.  Look at the expense of living, how much the average home costs, and how much things like education or transit are if you’re raising a family.  The prices will vary widely, but don’t be afraid to pick a home that’s a little pricier if it checks off every other item on this list.

People, You Know

Sometimes the best part of a city is the people that live there.  If you have a great connection with your family, sometimes it’s worth moving to be closer to them.  This doesn’t mean you have to move next door, but cutting out or train tickets when you want to see them means you’ll have more chances to visit and spend time together.

Jobs You’ll

Does the market you work in have a big place in one of the city’s you’re interested in?  If so, could this presence mean that you have a higher chance at getting paid more or doing work that you’ll doing? Of course, no job is easy, but getting to do something you like to do and being paid more for it make any city worthwhile.

In A Climate You Enjoy

Do you flee to southern areas once it starts to get cold, or do you bask in chilly weather?  Consider the location of the city and what type of weather it sees year-round.  Although it’s easy to be flexible with this option, if a city has everything else you like, you shouldn’t make yourself suffer through endless harsh winters if you dream about summer.  Along with climate, consider what type of terrain you enjoy the most.  Are you into mountains and skiing, or do you prefer spreading out on a beach and drinking in sunlight?  Although there are plenty in-between and some areas that offer a little bit of both, it’s okay to be picky!  After all, this is somewhere that you’ll be spending nearly every day of the year!


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