We are Rolling the Dice And God Always give Double Six – Nba YoungBoy

Nba YoungBoy

As we are rolling the dice God always gave me double six, Now the Only Game We are Playing This Year Is Who Want To Be A Since We are a Young Millionaires. Lets Round That Sh*t Up and  Get The Billion Tag ASAP

Listen to me, If I Die Tomorrow Don’t Cry. Please Remember I Wasn’t Perfect & Yes I Might Have Made Some Mistake In But this Are What Made Me Who I Am and I’m Thankful. Don’t forget to always say a prayer to God and Live Life To It’s Fullest Since That Has Always Been My slang. Living Everyday Like It’s Your Last. And Please Tell My Story To Kids and Young Adults Who Are Still Scared Of Chasing there Dreams & Tell The Rich One’s That’s It’s Okay For People To Gossip About You and Say Some Crap That you will even Be Surprised. But You Don’t Have To React To Anything that Doest Have Anything To Do With Your Account Balance Or Your Properties.

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Nba YoungBoy

Please Remember That Not Needing Or Wanting Anything Is Having Everything. Please Remember That Everything And Everyone Has An Expiration Date. So Don’t Cry Whenever the Time Comes Instead Please Celebrate The Energy I Shared With You All .. Talk About Those Moment I Made You Laugh Or Prolly Do Some Funny Shit . Remember Dose I Helped When No one Will Listen To them . I’m Thankful For Everything I’ve Been Through In But Most Especially I’m Grateful For The Love Of You Guys Who Love Me Unconditionally . If I’ve ever Made You Laugh, Cry Or Think. Well All I Say Is Thank You For Making Part Of my While Sharing My Truth Through The Journey Of Life . I Wonder If We Can Listen To Music When We Leave because Definitely Music Has Been A Great Part Of Me Till Date I Hope I Get To See All My Friends That I’ve Lost When the Time Finally Comes & Hope We Can Everyday That’s Gonna Be Exciting. How Many Times Have You Die And Recreated Yourself?  I Hope Y’all Have A Wonderful Day .. Don’t Worry I’m Not Dying yet Not Even In 80 years To Come But One Day my word’s Will Make Sense to you all I remain by the name Nba Youngboy.

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