University of Nsukka expels student for twerking

The University of Nigeria Nsukka, Enugu State has expelled who twerked at a promotional event.

This was carried through a man who happens to be a lecturer and Dean of the school vouching that she will be expelled as her act has destroyed humanity and womanhood.

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Reacting to the story, Twitter users has come out to ask questions on how the half naked twerking has destroyed humanity and how too harsh the discipline was.

@GracebalO : She could have still won the money if she was dressed decently and danced well. All what she did was just unnecessary. What young people do these days surprises me. Is twerking the only dance style today? Because last I checked there are other dance styles people do.

@pwospa : You see why dem talk say make you shake your small yansh for your papa house. Now you don destroy humanity😂😂

@MrTosyn :  This silly man might be doing worse privately oo, talmbout she’s destroying humanity. It’s doing me as if I should deck the man



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