Twelve US Soldiers die in a fresh Afghanistan suicide bomb attack

Afghanistan suicide bomb attack

Twelve United Service members and numerous Afghans have been killed in a twin suicide bombing attacks discharged outside Kabul’s airport, Afghanistan.

This was disclosed by the Pentagon and Afghanistan Ministry of Public Health few minutes ago.

The blast which came up while the United States and other Western Countries are still evacuating their citizens and Afghan allies after the Taliban takeover the country.

According to CNN, an official of Afghanistan’s Ministry of Public Health confirmed that more than 60 people were dead and 140 wounded.

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Also, Commander of United States Central Command, Gen Frank McKenzie confirmed that fifteen United States service men were injured and 12 killed at the suicide attack.

Although US officials have been warning that a threat of a terror attack at the airport was becoming acute.

Earlier today, US diplomats in Kabul warned American citizens to immediately leave the gates leading into the airport after citing security threats.

Statement from the US defense to CNN affirms that the officials were concerned by a “very specific threat stream” involving the ISIS affiliate in Afghanistan.

It was believed that the ISIS-K group was behind today’s successful attack but are still working to confirm its involvement.

There have been several footages released on social media showing chaotic scenes of crowd of people trying to help the wounded. Some
Victims were moved away from the scene in wheelbarrows.

The two explosions happened at Abbey Gate and Baron Gate where American and the British provided as Centre to process evacuation.

Meanwhile, the US Embassy in Kabul said US citizens who were at the Abbey Gate, East Gate, or North Gate of the airport “should leave immediately” in the wake of the blast.

“There has been a large explosion at the airport, and there are reports of gunfire,” the security alert said. “US citizens should avoid traveling to the airport and avoid airport gates at this time,” it added.

Immediately after the explosions, gunmen opened fire on service members and civilians, McKenzie said


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