Trump,FFK and Nigerians react to his honor Parade

Trump honor parade

A video has been  found on twitter posted by the U.S president Donald Trump showing a honor Parade of Nigerian citizens who troop out in numbers to support him at the on-going  presidential election.

This Video caught the attention of the Nigerian former Minister for Aviation Femi Fani Kayode who endorsed  the  movement with a retweet captioned  ” We are with you and God is with you”.

Although Nigerians antagonized the former Minister on Twitter telling him not to generalize the endorsement movement for all Nigerians with the use of the word “we”.

Some of the comments and reactions are quoted below.

Politicians can do any thing…. @realDonaldTrump is now praising a country he once called a shithole!

:”‘WE’ is so wrong. Cause you’re not us, we are not you. Please personify it next time.
Had it been, you devoted this kind of energy into Nigeria governance. Maybe we won’t be here today .”

“The same @realDonaldTrump that blocked NOIs nomination to WTO. Sure this is a rented crowd. Money is involved…lol…oga dem don chop your money o…lol”

:”World president, Donald J Trump, the parade is organized for you by the Biafrans trapped in Nigeria. The same people that were killed in large numbers by Nigeria government because they held a victory rally to honour you during your last election victory. Activate #BiafraExit”

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” Nigeria where people are hungry ,police are murdering and brutalizing us daily,these ones are jokers and they don’t represent us 💔💔”

“Who are these ones and where were they during the #EndSARS PROTEST?

If y’all don’t get out of my face”


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