Spanish man jailed for 15 years for killing, eating mum

A Spanish court on Tuesday sentenced a man to 15 years and five months in prison after finding him guilty of strangling his and then eating her.

The court ruled Albert S.G. — dubbed the “cannibal of Ventas” after the district where the crime took place — was sane at the time of the events and will therefore serve his sentence in prison.

It him for 15 years for homicide and five months for desecration of a corpse after he chopped up his ’s body and ate “her cadaver over at least 15 days”, feeding some to his dog.

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The murder took place in early 2019 during a row between the suspect and his 69-year-old at the flat they shared in Ventas, next to Madrid’s iconic bullring, according to the indictment.

He strangled his then dragged her into her bedroom where he used a saw and two kitchen knives to cut her up “in order to get rid of the body”, it said.

“He began eating the remains over the course of about 15 days, storing other parts in various plastic containers around the house and in the fridge,” it said.

He also put some of the remains into plastic bags and threw them into the bin.

In testimony, a police officer said the suspect confessed to having eaten some of the remains raw, while others parts he had cooked or fed to the dog, local media reported.

The suspect was arrested on February 23, 2019 after police turned up at the flat following a report by a friend of the that she was missing.

The court also ordered the man to pay 60,000 euros ($73,000) in compensation to his older brother.


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