Signing out uniben girl lands in trouble: see why

Signing out

A female graduating student of University of Benin ( Uniben) has been called to a meeting to face the Board of studies/Examiner of the Department of Microbiology, faculty of science on the alleged case of an inscription on her shirt “AGRESSIVE MALPRACTICE BROUGHT ME THIS FAR”.

In a memorandum which was sent by the panel tend to investigate the following;

  • Her involvement in Malpractice
  • What transpired the inscription
  •  To scrutinize all her result till date, including all her exam scripts.e.t.c.
  • How true is the inscription on her shirt.
  • Did she really do malpractice
  • To provide any other useful information on the matter.
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Signing out uniben girl
Memorandum sent

This has brought a lot of reactions on as people shares their view.

@Benlexy2 : University don’t just give cert. base on ur academic performance but ur academic performance and ur character. Can we say preaching of malpractice is of a good character ? This is an insult on the school, uniben alumnus and Nigerians at large.

@thecodezs: The question is, Can they prove she did malpractices throughout her 4 years of study? Is there a CCTV installed in the classrooms or would they judge her based on word of mouth? 🤔 Naija na cruise sha.

@divergentscout: Who told you the scripts are available?. 😂😂😂
U seem not to know the Nigerian University system.
Dem do burn those papers since.

@OyedapoPaulO Most people don’t understand the powers Senate. And the University law.
Exam-related offenses are what you never want to be associated with. Guilty/not
You don’t want to be dealt with for any reason.
I wish her well, and pray that she scales through.

@G_Samito : So much recklessness!Do people even know that a school can even withdraw certificate from a student within 5 years of graduation if they have reasons to. This one don do herself


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