See feminist who got married after six years of feminism

A beautiful has tied the knot with her six years after publicly declaring on Twitter that she’s never going to get married.

The identified as @itsnisrin’s wedding to her took her followers by surprise as she’s know for advising women to always prioritize themselves over men. She asked them to be very picky to the point that if no man meets their standards, then they should stay single.

Feminist who got married

In a tweet she shared in January 2015, Nisrin wrote, “I just realized I’m so picky, I’m never going to get married”.

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The newly wedded in a recent post has now taken to her page to share photos from her wedding which held recently and advised her followers to disregard her 2015 old tweet, speaking against marriage.

Feminist who got married

Meanwhile, her husband identified as Walid on the platform in 2014 spoke on his desire to get married. Now sharing photos from their wedding he noted that it only took him 7 years.


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