Security: No reason for apprehension in Ondo Kingdom- OEYC

The Youth Congress (OEYC) has reacted to the news and videos flying around concerning an arrest of over 200 Fulani in Ondo town.

OEYC revealed that a truckload of Fulani young men was truly intercepted in Ondo along sabo road which they were thoroughly searched individually by security operatives and other concerned members of the society and no arm or weapon of any form was found on any of them.

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It was also disclosed that the Fulani were on a trip from a company in Niger state and going to an industrial site in Edo state, which they have been escorted by a Hilux van and it has a way bill containing the names of all the passengers in the truck.

However, OEYC persuade everyone to stay calm and go on peacefully with their daily activities as the situation has been proven not to be a threat.


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