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Rudeboy : Why I Fear God Would Just Collect My Gift




For someone famed as a ‘Rudeboy’, Paul Okoye is actually quite a humble musician. Sitting with the 39-year-old in his posh Ikoyi home, one couldn’t help but notice his penchant for white décor, which stuck from his interior design down to his grand piano in the living room. Yet, his warm gaze and soft-spoken voice presents a gentle side to him that stood out the most.

“He is also your namesake, Nonso,” his friend and colleague, Raji, announced, as the conversation began. And for the next half-hour, it transcended to an innate experience into the mindset and artistry behind Rudeboy’s work, which is evident in his just-released sophomore album dubbed, RudyKillUs.

What sets the album apart is far from the fact that it is from one of the former members of the moribund Naija favourite duo, P-Square; it is actually the intentionality from Rudeboy that manifests in the eclectic mix of rhythm – from Hip-life, to Afro-pop, to Reggae – in this project, as well as in the soulful lyricism that results in a pregnancy of various emotions for the listener.


Minus a track-listing (or arrangement) issue, which slightly affects the seamless listen of the project, the entire sound-piece peaks with a vibrancy that leaves you re-listening to it continuously. A plus for the summer! From wedding songs to a Christian gospel bop, to introspective ballads and pop-heavy love songs, the album has a mood for everything, another fingerprint of Rudeboy’s intentionality.

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Catching up with CHINONSO IHEKIRE, the father-of-one discusses the story behind the ‘Rudeboy’ movement, making conscious music, getting inspiration from the dreams, battling COVID-19, as well as making music after P-Square.

Congratulations on your new album. What actually spurred you to make this body of work?
It was more like doing me; if you have listened to the album, you would notice there was no collaboration. The album says that Rudy Kill Us. I wanted to show you people what my music sounds like; I wanted to stick to what I do. I wanted to do me, real music; I didn’t want to run away from that.

The body of work for this album was rooted in the fact that there is no way I can make a song without meaning. It is either it is touching you, or you are about to grab something. It is more of like a reality kind of album. There is reggae, gospel, highlife, hip-hop, dancehall, and everything.


Is this a thing that has always stuck with you from the beginning?
I don’t just see music as something that people listen to, because they want to dance; I just want to pass a message. I want you to learn something and experience what others are. For instance, when I did Reason With Me, it was like another version of my own story that I wanted to pass across. I used a carpenter, but I was there struggling when I was trying to sell my radio cassettes.

The message was that the women around you don’t want to know if you didn’t have money at all. Trust me, in the university where I went to – University of Abuja – if you didn’t have money, nobody knows you. Who is your father? That had been ringing in my head since then. So, I used it to pass my message in the song.

Apart from the songs itself, you had production credit on all the songs?
People don’t know that I am a writer and a producer. In fact, just the fact that I don’t want to be ‘know-it-all,’ that’s why I don’t talk about it. In the album credits, I didn’t write produced by, I wrote ‘beats by…’ for all the people who made the beats. I already had the melodies in my head; I show you what to play. Then afterwards, I allow you to feel free, while I am recording. I just didn’t want to be that jack-of-all-trades, but I still have these wonderful people around me.

Another thing people don’t know is that all my songs come from the dream, even from the days of P-square. I tell people that I am not talented; I am gifted. I fear that the day I betray God too much, he would just collect it; just like the biblical story of Samson. I don’t even pick biro and paper to write a song. When I wake up, I just record the melodies on my phone. Later on, I go to the studio to produce the beat and then I arrange the song. As I am recording it, it is even like someone is telling me what to say.


So, you never make songs in sessions?
Except they are collabos; maybe when people call me to make a song with them. Then, it is easier for me.

Looking at the whole Rudeboy identity, how did you come about it?
If you listen to the P-square song, Bizzy Body, you would hear ‘Rudeboy,’ it’s been existing; people gave me the name. When I was still young back in Jos, I was a producer. And while other producers were still collecting N3,000 – N10,000 per beat, I was still struggling to open a studio. I used to sing in the church. From there, I started performing at small gigs like school parties, church launchings, weddings and so on. While I was doing that, I was writing songs strictly for my mum’s church.

I wrote a song then in Jos and it became a bit big then. People started coming to me as a Producer. When artistes now came and I told them that my fee was N5000, they claimed I was too expensive. But I always insisted that it wasn’t about the money; I had to see if they had the talent before I could work with them. I turned down so many of them; I can’t be playing on G and you are singing on C. Even when I was offered N10,000 for a beat, I turned it down. Before you know it, talk went round and people started to say I was that ‘rude boy.’ So, me being honest made me rude. That was how I got the name Rudeboy.

The Rudykillus movement is Rudy-kill-us and my fans created it. Anytime I drop a song, they kept saying ‘eh Rudy, you wan kill us!’ There and there, some of them started using that hashtag. So, I looked at it and kept it when I wanted to create my album.


Tell us about those early days, how did you hone your skills as a musician?
When I was singing in my mum’s church, she was still using local instruments. I got in touch with a musician friend of mine; I used to do backup for him in Benson and Hedges competition. He didn’t win, but he had this keyboard and I used to borrow it and use it in my mum’s church. Then, I started going to the studio with him and I got into the studio and recorded a song. Then, everything was done with a keyboard and then saved on a diskette. You then insert into a computer and start voicing. Then, I started pressuring my mum to upgrade her church equipment.

When she raised some money, I made a list for her and the keyboard was in the list. Among all the instruments, that keyboard alone was about N40,000 and the total instruments were not more than N100,000. She didn’t want to buy it at first, but I convinced her that it doesn’t expire while the rest expires, even though it wasn’t true. I just wanted to get her to buy it. So, she bought it, alongside a drum set and postponed the remaining items for later. That was how I started reading the manual.

In fact, I still have that keyboard and I am still using it now. That is how I started using it to produce and record music. In fact, my first ever song I recorded was Say Your Love; I recorded so many songs that period with that keyboard. My friend advised me to apply for the next Benson and Hedges competition; by then, I had entered University of Abuja and we had created P-Square. My elder brother advised me to carry my brother to the competition and with the dancing and all, we were able to win.

How did you guys feel that time?
For the first time, I sat down with Tuface that time. He was even one of the first people that saw us and told me that ‘Bro, una big here o. People love you here o. Think about this and move to Lagos.’ He also schooled in Jos and came to Lagos.


How do you feel now after all these years?
First of all, I am very excited. From the singles I have dropped, I know what the results are; I am never in a rush. Even when I am releasing a song, I must have recorded about six or seven songs before I decide which one I am bringing out. People believe that it is when you feature other artistes on an album that you won’t make it to sound the same. But when you listen to this album, you wouldn’t even realise it was the same person all through.

I am very excited for this album, especially track 1, Nowhere To Go; it is just to let you know where I am coming from and where I am now. That song was more of freestyle; I know it would be talked about most. It is a love song, but it is words they know already; I am excited.

Apart from working alone as a solo artiste, who do you enjoy working with?
If I have a song now, I already know who I can place in the song. For example, when I wrote Possibility, I knew it was Tuface. When I did Together, I knew it was Patoranking. But if you ask me for two people that at any time you drop us in together in the studio, we would come out with 100 songs in 24 hours, just meet Tuface and Timaya. These are people I have sat down with and there is this thing that we love doing where we sing and hit our chests. It is just a thing we share.

So, among the newcomers, who do you also connect with?
Omah Lay. There are some people that you can predict them; you can’t predict him. In fact, he would sing and take you somewhere else. And as a musician, you would be hearing and hoping he connects back to another point he started with and he always gets it for me every time. I don’t like predictable artistes; I like listening to artistes and asking, ‘where did this person learn this from?’ That is what I love and he has it.


Tell us about Paul Okoye the businessman and label executive. How does it feel running things on your own?
I would just say it is still the same thing; it is still the same people around me, the same process. That support system is still the same thing. Trust me, if I change, it would affect me. I am speaking from experience for other artistes; you have to be in a particular mindset. The same spirit I have is what I am still making use of; the only difference is that I am now alone on stage.

Do you miss being a part of P-square?
I don’t want to say anything about that, because I want to respect family; I don’t want to hurt family. What I would say would be used by people to go and start tagging and insulting others; I don’t want that. Even the other day, I told my fans that they should focus on the music; it is because I know what would happen when the album comes out. I know what Nigerians can start saying, I just have to calm them down. As long as it is something that can hurt the family, I rather keep it private.

Speaking of family, you and your household were down with the COVID-19 at some point. How was that experience?
My family was in Dubai for Christmas when it happened; I went for a show in Bayelsa. Somehow, I knew I passed the crowd and there was too much of rubbing in the crowd. Somehow, I fell sick. I got back home, called my doctor and he told me that I had COVID-19. As I called my wife to tell her, she told me that all of them there too had COVID-19. So, it lasted for that period; it was about 20 days. It was very dramatic. Sometimes, I would be gasping for air. I would just hurry and take a cold shower, then stick my face into the AC. It was like everything I was breathing in was hot and blocked; it was a very hard time. Every other person got it in my house, but it was not as serious as mine.

So, what is the vision going forward?
We already had plans – concerts, tours, and everything. People have been begging for tours before now, but I didn’t want to do one without an album; all those Europe and American tours are cancelled this year. But I would do African cities; all other international tours would be next year. Business part is doing good; I just finished a new project.


Do you have favourites on the album?
I have four favourite songs. I am even arguing with my brother Jude, because we don’t have the same favourites. On his list, he has two of mine, and on my list, I have two of his. We both agree on the song Ego Nekwu, and Ihe Neme. Then, I personally like Ayoyo and Something Must Kill A Man. For Jude, he chose Nowhere To Go and Fall In Love. Those are my top-four.

Is there anything you would like to add?
I have what I call organic fans; I love them a lot. If I go wrong, they always tell me. But I want them to focus on the album and not start causing a war of insulting out of it. It might not even be them, but other people. People even criticise me for not changing my voice from how I used to sing on P-square. But it would be worse now, because I have an entire album of it. But people should stick with the music.

Could you share with us some things people don’t know about you?
One is the fact that all my songs come from the dream. Then, the second is that somehow, I hate eating outside. It would shock you that, if you give me food that is well arranged, I won’t eat it. Perhaps, it was because of the struggle and hustle of when I used to buy food from Nylons. Somehow, I prefer it looking like that mama-put way. Then, because of my voice, there are certain drinks I don’t take; there are some drinks that affect my voice.



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Ondo Apc Primary Election: I am a winner, I am not a looser, says APC Ondo Member House OF Assembly Aspirant Hon. Onidare Sunday Bukumi



Ondo Apc Primary Election

Ondo Apc Primary Election: I am a winner, I am not a looser, says APC Ondo Member House OF Assembly Aspirant Hon. Onidare Sunday Bukumi

Politics took a different dimensions last weekend with displays of emotions and mix feelings. True is the saying that “you can win an election and loose the people, and you can loose an election and win the people” This was what played out after the APC house of assembly membership primary election conducted in Ondo west constituency 1, where Hon. Onidare Sunday Bukumi an aspirant out of the 3 aspirants, pulled a total number of 10 delegates votes out of 28 votes,  to become the  first runner up at the contest.

Hon. Onidare Sunday Bukumi addressed his  supporters who have been around the election venue since morning time, his statement reads in part: “In acknowledgement of your support, love and contributions towards me, since the beginning of this struggle up till this moment, we shall host and merry with all our supporters across the constituencies, by the special grace of God tomorrow. This is just like in the game of sports where we have no Victor nor vanquish, we are victorious regardless of the outcome of the election and the people’s commitment towards this mandate in the past days requires that I celebrate you all.” He ended his statement by giving out the location and time for the hosting, saying: “All road leads to OSB VANGUARD SECRETARIAT, Ebenezer street, Yaba, Ondo State, he added that all supporters are expected to be at the venue from 10am”.


Many will agree that It is an unusual trend in the nation’s politics for one who looses an election to still feel an urge to celebrate his supporter’s let alone hosting them in a grand style. The impossible was made possible through Hon.Onidare Sunday Bukumi who deemed it fit as earlier announced to feast with all his supporters and like a dream the scheduled  hosting witnessed high display of love and acceptance, as thousands of supporters across the Constituency trooped en masse to the venue.

At evening time, Honorable Onidare Sunday Bukumi, while addressing the crowd, gave thanks to God, the author and finisher of the struggle, he affirmed, that he remains grateful most especially because he didn’t loose any one in the process, he appreciated the people for standing by him and reassured them that he will not stop in his pursuit to make better life available for the dwellers of his community and that he will not leave them even in face of the previous day’s results, he affirmed that all that has been promised by him to include; free health care services, grants to small scale businesses, scholarships, feeding of widows and aged, youth empowerment etc. Will continue.

He said he is  confident that this is just a trial of faith but his good disposition or positive reaction to this will determine how glorious what is to come will look like. He said the OSB vanguard team and secretariat will remain and shall conduct regular meetings where  he shall attend regularly to watch their progress and reward their commitments, he enjoined all his member to see all that as happened as a privilege to thank God, and that this should be done at their various places of worship as Thanksgiving. He asked everyone to feel delighted and enjoy the feasting, while he appreciates the group that donated a cow to the feasting, saying: I do not expect this from my co youths, ‘but I am grateful, humble and honored’



In a personal interview with, HON ONIDARE SUNDAY BUKUNMI some group of press men asked the following questions.

Press: Can we meet you please?

OSB: yes; I am by name, Onidare Sunday Bukumi, known politically and in the business world has OSB.

Press:  can you tell  us briefly about what your major fuel, motivation is, which keeps the OSB moving?

OSB: Well, the OSB movement calls for suprise to some people, but what I feel has been my major fuel is that; I have been able to identify my calling, and the calling is clear that I cannot but go get it, it has always been my desire to raise men and contribute immensely to the development of my society, this is one of what compelled me to come home to seek an avenue to serve, I feel fulfilling even though we have just started, where we are headed is so far, but it’s a thing of joy to make efforts and it’s been acknowledged by the people you did made efforts for.


Press: Sir, we observed that you were a runner up at yesterday election but on getting here the things we are seeing makes us to ask more questions from people for clarity, to know maybe we were misinformed or not. Please tell us how does it feels to you to concede at the election and how were you able to manage the outcome, that you were still able to activate the mood for celebration?

OSB: well it’s all God, if I say I wasn’t a little pained after hearing the results, then that means am not a sincere being, I was pained at some point because of some irregularities that ensued in the process, the stress we encountered we should not even mention, and ofcourse you can tell how it feels to be prepared so much for something but it eventually gets thwarted, however, the motivation that God Almighty has an involvement in the activities of man, and that the future ahead could bring more glorious expectations for me and my lovers, keeps me comforted to summon the courage to stay happy and calm. The love I received from my people also gave me an unending joy, it’s rare, I saw my supporters stood by me and outside the election ground from morning till night time, this made me overwhelmed, and the feeling that my works and efforts are acknowledged by my people made it compelling for me to celebrate them, hence my call for a feasting.

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Ondo Apc Primary Election:

Press: Did you feel there was an irregularity in the previous election?


OSB: of course there was irregularities in the election, most especially when the election was to have begun by 10am but didn’t start until past 6, without us knowing the reasons for the delay till this moment, and few other issues, but Its politics where the use of various strategies cannot be completely ruled out, even though we cannot all be too desperate, but we thank God above all. I will choose to stay away from talking further about it.

Press: Can you tell us what your next line of action is? a lot of your supporters will also like to know.

OSB: yes I can tell you and it’s very simple, though I have received several calls from various persons and parties to cross carpet with an assurance of a soft landing, they know my capabilities and supporters strength which they believe it will be an added advantage to their existing teams, but I smiled.

Election has come and it has gone, and surprisingly we remain in our noble party the All Progressive Congress, to me at the just concluded election none of the three of us that contested at the primary won. The one who won is the All Progressive Congress, and as such all hands need to be on deck, the rulership of the party in the state and Local Government should see has a matter of urgency to reunite the party seal up possible crack walls and make advances for the campaign’s at all levels and seeing that the APC wins all polls cum’ 2023.


While I congratulate the flag bearer, it will be my pleasure to work with the party at all levels, towards the achievement of the collective goals of the party. I will also plead to all my supporters to maintain calmness and see an opportunity for everyone of us in the very nearest future and that when that time comes we expect those who concedes to also work with us, so in lieu of this let’s together follow suit my next line of action as discussed earlier, let’s see that victory is achievable to the all progressives Congress cum’ 2023.

And to add: my next line of action will  include my choice to stay with my people and keep pace in my contribution to our people from time to time, as I promised earlier, I am completely eradicating the believe of the masses that when a politician looses an election they usually abscond into thin airs only to reappear after another 4years for another contest. While that is true of most politicians, it is never the good thing, the masses deserves more, I hope all other youth like myself in politics can see this and live as such.

Press: would you like to give your final words to your party and supporters?

OSB: Of course, I will start by acknowledging the rulership of my party, the all progressives congress, the national leaders, southwest leaders, state leaders, local government leaders, up till the ward leaders, and most especially to the state and local government leaders, despite all odds I understand that yours have been a labour of love for the party, I commend you all for you comraderies in APC struggle. I congratulate the winners who will be the flag bearer of our party in the year 2023 election, I encourage them not to stay far from the people and ensure they root themselves in the people. I will equally want to charge the party rulership that the best is yet to come, let’s all work acsidously to achieve a redeemed name for our party, let’s not relent in our services to humanity like wise.


Lastly I will like to appreciate my own supporters both home and diaspora, thank you all for the unmerited love, and affection to the OSB movement, my special appreciation goes to my constituency, my local government, and state. I appreciate all the women that stood by me, most especially my darling wife, I appreciate the support of all the youths, aged, widows, traders union, student union, artisans, transport unions etc. For the cooperation I have gotten from you, I appreciate the OSB vanguard excecutives, my dynamic Media teams and Nigerians in general. Am assuring you all of more commitment.

Thank you so much and lastly  it’s my pleasure to grace this interview, once again I am Hon. Onidare Sunday Bukumi.

Further interviews were conducted with supporter where all bears in testimony of the uniqueness of hon Onidare Sunday Bukumi as a politician and how supportive they will remain with him, and their hopes to have him at the elms of affairs, which will be of joy and immense benefit to the masses.





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Anticipate BEYOND EMOTIONS by Oluwafemi Adeniyi



Oluwafemi Adeniyi

Oluwafemi Adeniyi is a Content developer, Digital marketer and a Broadcast Journalist who is passionate about Artificial Intelligence, Sportscasting, critical thinking, reading, teaching and writing.

I am the founder of two platforms (Love Clinic and Bank of Knowledge) where I teach about career, relationship and marriage from time to time with the aim of sharing my knowledge and experience to mentor and help people think outside the box and proffer solutions to life’s challenges that require logical and sound approaches.

Giving my well rooted experience in Broadcasting and content creation, I also co-founded a company known as SyncRio. This company has helped many Business owners to generate sound ideas on how to brand, package and network their products and services to achieve their desired results.


As a lover of sports and a Sportscaster, I also created two online platforms where many other sport lovers could interact and have fun by talking about the different sporting activities globally.

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I have mentored and still mentoring many people on Broadcast Journalism, Podcasting, Scriptwriting, News Editing, News reporting, News casting, Content development, Digital marketing, Audio editing, how to publish and sell E-book among other relevant digital skills.


This book is all encompassing, it X-rayed vital topics ranging from Career, Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, Compatibility, Friendship and Marriage.


Each Chapter of the book is well loaded with information that anyone who is aspiring to live a fulfilled life really needs to propel them to greatness.

In one of the chapters of the book, I profiled THE CHESS as a game and extensively talked about it and some of the life lessons that could help one make sound decisions devoid of emotional coloration. No doubt, playing chess requires some key skills, so, also is life and success.

The book also highlighted about 9 DIFFERENCES BETWEEN JOB AND WORK. I pointed out how many people are ignoring potentials that are huge enough to give them a fortune, all because of their inability to realize that it is possible to refine their gifts and make meaning out of their lives.

You need to check out this book to identify the differences between a Job and work.


Meanwhile, a portion of the book further pointed out how SELF AWARENESS has the potency to help people to make critical decisions. In this chapter I explained some of the qualities people need to understand about themselves before making decisions as it relates to choosing a Life partner.

Beyond the vital information in each chapter of the book, I also created columns that give room for practical exercise of self evaluation by asking and answering questions after each chapter.

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‘My Talents Earned Me Makanaki In Return Of The King’



Return of the king

Nigerian musician and songwriter, Remilekun Khalid Safaru, popularly known as Reminisce, is one of the actors in Kemi Adetiba’s The Return of The King, a sequel to the successful 2018 crime political drama, King Of Boys (KOB).

The film was critically acclaimed for its gripping storyline and has remained on the list of highest grossing Nigerian films till date. Sola Sobowale and Adesua Etomi-Wellington also won the 2019 Africa Movie Academy Awards (AMAA) for Best Actress in a Leading Role and Best Actress in a Supporting Role, respectively.

Three years after the release of King of Boys, the highly awaited sequel to one of the highest-grossing Nollywood movies of all time, finally hit Netflix yesterday, but this time, as a seven-episode series.


King Of Boys: The Return of The King will see Sola Sobowale and Toni Tones return as Eniola Salami and picks up with Eniola’s triumphant return after a five-year exile. However, her shocking, unannounced return rattles the cages of her enemies. And once-trusted allies desert her at her most vulnerable moment, all while she faces an even greater battle within herself for the redemption of her tortured soul.

Rapper Reminisce, who played the role of the main villain, Makanaki, spoke to ENIOLA DANIEL on his experience on the project and aspirations.

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How will you describe your role as the valiant in the movie?
I played the role of someone trying to register his name in the corridor of power and gangsterism. It’s a very bright character; valiant but valuable and likeable character. People say that I executed it very well.

Do you think your look earned you the role of Makanaki?
I don’t appear that way; I don’t sound that way. But the beauty of being an actor is being able to look a certain way and make people believe it. So, being talented enough to execute something earned me the role of Makanaki.


An actor should be able to fit into any role and execute properly. I’ve been with the same woman for 11 years and I have three children. And I don’t look that way. So, there’s nothing like somebody looks a certain way; just the ability to execute and make people believe it. That’s what defines a great actor, but I am not a great actor yet.

How difficult was it interpreting the role?
Coming back was not easy, because it was two years and eight months after the first one. So, coming back, getting into character was a bit difficult; I added a bit of weight of course, everybody also lost touch. There were a couple of nights where Kemi Adetiba had to cancel and asked everyone to go back and it took us time to get into character and assume the role. But Kemi gave us time and we study every night before going to bed and we were able to get things back.

What should movie lovers and your fans be expecting from you based on the role you played?
There is a surprise factor that nobody knows or thinks, it will be shocking for many to see my characters back. Aside that, there’s a bit of a twist on the story and the way the story ends, so, they are in for a great ride.

Did you enjoy your time on set?
I enjoyed every minute. I don’t do what I don’t enjoy and the moment I start to feel uncomfortable, I leave. Anyone that has worked with me knows that about me. It’s obviously a new experience for me, meeting people. Though, I’ve been in the business of movie making for a while, but this movie is new to me. So, these are people I see on TV, the same way they watch me on TV.


Will you love to play the role of Makanaki again?
Of course, I will be willing to take it up if the pay is right. If my mood is right and if the production is right, definitely, I’ll be willing to do it.

What was the major motivation for you, was it the pay?
I just wanted to try something new; the same way I tried to do something new every other year. Right now, I’m doing sports; I own a sports agency. Currently, I own the biggest football show; you don’t start something because of the money. I wasn’t a registered actor when I did KOB 1, so, I couldn’t have gotten a lot of money. The money cannot be a motivating factor for me at this level. I didn’t get into doing movie by chance; I’d always wanted to do this.

Everybody knows how much I love football, how much I talk about football, so, if I start a sports agency, it’s not new to many people who have been following me. I just try to look for the right time to execute this thing. Money is not a major motivation, but for the end result, I say yes to money.

As an actor, can you reject any role?
There’s no role I can’t interpret and I’m looking for a role where I can kiss; I’ve not kissed since I made my acting debut and it’s not nice, so, I am looking for a role I where can kiss and touch. My wife will always tell me that I don’t hold an actress very well in movies, that I need to be more passionate.


What does Netflix buying Nigeria movie means to you as an actor?
Netflix coming in is a major shift; it’s a major shift in the market. Some people begin to shiver; they are afraid that it will affect the guys in the cinemas, but yes, of course, they will be affected, but that’s where the world is heading now. Digital companies like Apple music and Spotify are affecting Alaba market.

For the fact that Netflix pay for production upfront is a huge shift in the dynamics and it’s great for the Nigeria market. I think it’s the way to go; that’s where the world is.

What’s your perception on the Return of The King?
I think it is a fantastic project. It started off as a movie, now it’s like a mini series. I think it’s a wonderful project; Kemi put in her all and I think it’s worth watching. And the fact that it’s the first Netflix original movie from Nigeria, I mean, it deserves some love.

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