Remedies For Painful Sex, Number 2 will Wow You

Remedies For Painful Sex

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG), three out of four women have experienced painful sex at some point in their lives. Some deal with the pain long term and some only have short-term issues. Either way, though, painful intercourse isn’t uncommon at all.

Use of contraceptive pills:

Birth control pills or contraceptive pills can cause dryness in the vagina. Sometimes these pills are used for obtaining hormonal balance.
The hormonal fluctuation that takes place in this situation can be maintained by using hormone replacement therapy.
This will help to bring hormones to a balanced state and also reduces pain during sexual intercourse.

Engage in Regular Sex:

While vaginal dryness and pain can make a woman lose interest in sex,
regular intercourse is actually a natural antidote to vaginal dryness. During arousal, circulation to vaginal tissue increases,
which, in turn, stimulates lubrication, thus acting as natural treatment for vaginal dryness and pain.

Washing Products: 
The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, whose inner parts do not need to be washed.
Its outer parts, on the other hand, only need lukewarm water and a mild, unscented soap to stay clean and optimally healthy.
Learning which products can be harmful for women’s sexual health is one of the easiest, yet most effective vaginal dryness remedies.


Natural Moisturizers and Lubricants:

Using natural oils for vaginal dryness, such as those extracted from olives, coconut, or flax, is a safe and effective way to reduce discomforts.
Water-based lubricants, on the other hand,
might be a more suitable option for some women as they do not degrade the latex in condoms as some oil-based products may.

Comfortable Underwear:

Tight or synthetic underwear is likely to rub against the vagina, intensify the dryness, restrict air access, and potentially lead to yeast infections.
Instead, chose underwear to prevent vaginal dryness, such as those made from breathable and natural fabrics, like cotton.

Take in food with Phytoestrogens:
For menopausal women, vaginal dryness is often caused by hormonal imbalances, primarily a decline in estrogen levels.
As such, eating foods rich in phytoestrogens and vitamins for vaginal dryness, like vitamin E, is one of the best natural cures for feminine dryness.
Good options include soy and soy products, oats, barley, nuts, and seeds, among others.

Try doing Kegel exercise:

Kegel exercise, which exercise the pelvic muscles, may ease pain. If you’re unsure where your pelvic muscles are, stop urination in midstream.
The muscles you use here are your pelvic muscles.
Tighten your pelvic muscles and hold for five seconds. Then, relax for five seconds. Repeat this process four times. Do a set like this three times a day.
Work up to tightening the muscles for 10 second intervals. This may take a few weeks of practice.
Concentrate while doing Kegel exercises. Make sure you are tightening your pelvic muscles and not the muscles in your abdomen, thighs, or buttocks.

See a Gynecologist:

Gynecologists diagnose problems that women may be having with their reproductive organs.
They check for vaginal infections and urinary tract infections in women complaining of lower abdominal pain or sexual pain.
Depending on your symptoms, your may want to run a series of tests to rule out such conditions. Talk your symptoms and medical history over with your doctor.
He or she will determine what tests, if any, need to be conducted.
they ensure you get adequate treatments that is best for you.

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