Paternity dispute ends in tragedy as man murders ex-lover

A Zimbabwean from Filabusi was reportedly axed to death on Thursday and her body was dumped in a bush behind Filabusi High School.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson Inspector Loveness Mangena confirmed the incident.

“I can confirm that a body was collected from a bush behind Filabusi High School but I haven’t received the full report from the local police station,” said Insp Mangena without revealing the name.

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However, sources in Filabusi said the was allegedly axed to death by her ex-boyfriend. The source said the woman and the man had a long-standing dispute over the paternity of their child. It is said the man, after committing the alleged murder, used the woman’s cellphone to call the police and her relatives to inform them about the death.

“What the relatives are now asking is how did he know that the had died and how did he know the location of the body. How did he even come to be in possession of the woman’s phone? It is said when he called the relatives he told them that they must not go and look for the body alone but they must be accompanied by police. Although during the call he insisted that he was not involved in the murder how did he come to know about all these details,” said the source.


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