On Islamiyya: Arise tv presenter,headmaster cry to casualties

Islamiyya abduction arise tv presenter

On Islamiyya Abduction in Niger State Arise Tv presenter Tundun Abiola and Headmaster of the school burst into cry after hearing the casualties caused by the mass abduction in the State.

Arise tv who interviewed the principal and parents of the abductees revealed some of the aftermaths and damages the kidnapping had caused.

One of the damages as said by the crying headmaster is that two parents of the victims have died of shock on hearing the news that their kids are missing.

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It was further revealed in the interview conducted by Arise tv that till now the parents,school and the community is yet to hear anything from both Federal and State government.

“No sympathy at all,none of the government officials has said hi or sorry to us”. The headmaster lamented but was consoled by sad Presenter Tundun who was crying as well.

Report had it that 200 students were missing in Tegina  town of Niger State on Sunday  while BBC said 150 students were missing according to a confirmation from a teacher.


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