Nutrients found in Sekani’s Five Cereals

Nutrients in Sekani’s Five Cereals

As human food, Cereals are usually marketed in their raw grain form or various food products that are rich in carbohydrates and nutrients found in Sekani’s Five Cereals Tom Brown (African based Company) nutritiously good for children and babies.

In an interview empiregist had with the Chief Executive Officer of the above named cereal company, Mrs Zanga revealed that the product is a selective combination of five different Cereals with natural ingredients which are; corn, guinea corn, soya beans, millet and groundnut. The benefits of groundnut is that it gifts potassium, calcium,phosphorus and vitamin B while soya beans’ benefits are; high in fibre, cholesterol free, protein among others.

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According to health journals, the combination of of corn,Guinea corn and millet is a more nutritious meal for infant and the trio combination offers protein,vitamins and minerals for growth of the infant.


Speaking on packaging standard which Sekani’s Five Cereals is being challenged, Mrs Zanga urged customers and intending ones to patronize the brand even at that as the company is promoting healthy living instead of packaging. She also confirmed that considering the economy recession, Nigerians still deserve a more affordable and healthy food.

The Sekani’s Five Cereals is a health supplement for weight gain and diabetes patients. Confirming that the company is not automated which is a limitation in production, Mrs Zanga vowed and vouched for progress in production and consistency.

“What I have to say is that, this brand SEKANI’S FIVE CEREALS TOM BROWN is still a work in progress
And the world should get ready for what’s about to unravel.
We’re hitting every target one step at a time And consistency is the key”


For official certification of the product, the company has applied for certification at NAFDAC which is an assurance that the products from this company is safe for consumption.

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