Nigerian Police killed my father -Olivia

Olivia Ollie has accused the of killing his father Mr Livinus Onyekaba who was arrested and detained by the at the Ikeja Police Station,Lagos.

Olivia’s father, Mr Livinus who was charged and accused of trespassing private properties bought some properties inside a house from certain Mr Yusuf Remilekun who sold them to him after of one million Naira was made to Mr Yusuf as regard their agreement on 9th of June 2021 and the following day he was granted access to the properties.

He was arrested alongside coworker while at work by family members even with no witnesses to ascertain the claims of the family members as owners of the property. It was revealed that the seller, Mr Yusuf has been on the run since 10th of June.

To grant Mr Livinus bail, the District Officer, D.P.O of the Ikeja Police station demanded the sum of one hundred thousand Naira to track down Yusuf and the money was paid 29th of June by the lawyer representing him.

The D.P.O further billed his bail to five hundred thousand Naira which was negotiated and reduced to three hundred thousand Naira but the family was just able to raise one hundred and fifty thousand Naira which was accepted by the through a prominent family member of Livinus.

After being released on 1st of July, the family claimed that he (Livinus) did not open his eyes nor say a word on the ride from Ikeja to Ogun State where he was taken to hospital but died few days later.

Olivia alleged the based on their self action on the case as she claimed that complaints never showed their faces at the station. That they denied him access to his phones,atm cards and that after receiving the money to track Me Yusuf there is no feedback and he has not been found.

On this note, Olivia is seeking assistance so they get for her father.

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