Nigerian native doctor calls out his baby mama for beating his mother

A Nigerian native doctor, identified as Ossy Opara has taken to to call out his baby mama for beating his mother.

In a children’s day message to his children, Ossy noted that they may not get to see their grandmother again because her “health is failing her as a result of the beatings she received” from his baby mama, Blessing, while she was ill.

According to him, he will not indict himself in anyway but his children will hear about how he was a “daredevil”.

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In his words, 

“Ikechukwu Opara, Chukwuemeka Opara, and Munachimso Opara. Happy children’s day to you my sons.

This is the last children’s day that you will celebrate with me by proxy in an inhumane way. It is likely that you may not meet your grandmother (my mom) alive when you come back, I tried to make you see your grandmother today (her health is failing her as a result of the beatings she received from your mother Blessing ontop her health condition). I tired so hard and made calls that I wasn’t supposed to make, all for the love of family. The never forgets.

I will not indict myself in anyway, but you will hear the story of how your father is a Daredevil, you will look at me and be proud to have a father, an only son that conquers multitude of brethren. Ochubara dike n’ohia, that’s what you will call me. It is a challenge, and a promise. A mortal one, till I die”.

Meanwhile, Ossy had earlier narrated how his plans of celebrating children’s day yesterday May 27th, with his kids was stopped by the family of his baby mama who demanded that he comes to their family house for the visit.

He claimed that they “want him when to talk and when he leave’s” they allegedly “set him up again.”

He wrote,

“27th of may (Children’s day).
“2 weeks ago (early notification), this father has been demanding that his children be peacefully brought out for him by those who have seized them. This father wants to celebrate children’s day with his children and return them afterwards, and must be able to be with them again whenever he wishes to. This father will not be made to do it inside that house at world bank where he was tagged a kidnapper. This father’s session with his children will not be regimented and supervised again.

Information reaching me is that the Okechukwu family wants me to come to their family house to see my children, they want to monitor my stay with my own legitimate children, they want to tell me when to talk and when to leave, they want to know what I will discuss with my children, they want to know if they will my children afterwards, and they want to set me up again.

IF MY DEMANDS ARE NOT MET, then this father has been DARED and PUSHED to the wall.

Newton’s 1st law states that, if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed unless it is acted upon by a FORCE. This postulate is known as the law of inertia.

Newton’s 3rd law states that, for every ACTION in nature there is an equal and opposite reaction. In other words, forces result from interactions.

Let the world take note. Enough said, good night”.

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