Nigeria police kill Nigerian peaceful protester

Nigeria police kill protester


Jimoh Isiaq a citizen of Nigeria and one of the Endsars protesters has been shot dead in Ogbomosho Oyo State.

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Nigerians has been expressing their voices for the scrap of SARS who has been killing Nigerian youths and infringing human rights.

The death of Isiaq in Ogbomosho has brought up again another level of sadness in the heart of Nigerian youths and celebrities has expressed sadness over the loss of the young boy.

Some tweets from people

“RIP Jimoh Isiaq. Your death will not be in vain. We need these monsters off our streets. #EndSARS” that’s from Vee big brother Naija lockdown housemate.

“These SARS deaths are so heartbreaking and they make no sense 😥😥. It’s so sad to how Nigerian youth are even more comfortable building their lives here in Ghana than at home because of the fear of been brutalized always by people who are a meant to protect them😢 #ENDSARS now!”

“We lost him, Just a peaceful protester looking for the betterment of Ogbomosho/Lautech being shot by the police. That officer would never find peace all through his days on earth. Rest In Peace Isiaka 😭😭😭 #EndSARS #OgbomosoProtest”

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