Nigeria police disrupt overnight Endsars protest

Police disrupt protest

Endsars overnight protesters in Lagos State House of Assembly has been disrupted by the Nigerian Police.

The peaceful protest which witnessed and led by Endsars activist known as Rinu alongside a well known comedian Mr Macaroni was disturbed. The protesters who gathered in front of the state assembly expressed sadness at the criminal treatment and threat given to them by the police. “BREAKING: They have not returned the tents! 7 army trucks surrounded us like we’re criminals.

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#EndSARSImmediately” Rinu tweets.

Meanwhile, American female rapper Cardi B’s Twitter handle was suspended or deactivated after making inquiry on reasons behind pandemonium in Nigeria.
Cardi’s tweet, “What’s going ? Can you give me a summary so I can research later ….you know I love Nigeria 🇳🇬” but the protesters who retreated promised to continue the protest today October 9 2020. Both Rinu and Mr. Macaroni urged Nigerians to come out in mass in the day for protest as the van left the premises of the protesters at exactly 2:26am.

Some tweets about the event below;


We are safe at the House of Assembly Ikeja, and the vans have gone.

#LagosProtests #LagosProtestsAgain #EndSarsProtests #EndSARSImmediately


Live at the State House, We got a gen to charge our phones to give updates on the Peaceful protest.

A generator was provided by the Team to make sure everyone was given adequate electricity. #LagosProtests #LagosProtestsAgain #EndSarsProtests #EndSARSImmediately

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