Nicki Minaj’s Husband sexual assault accuser Jennifer confirms receiving threats

Nicki Minaj’s Husband

American singer and Songwriter Onika Tanya-Petty widely known as Nicki Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty sexual assault accuser Jennifer Hough has confirmed receiving threats for speaking up.

She emotionally disclosed this in an interview on a televised program titled “The Real”

Jennifer who had Kenneth Petty of sexual assault, and also the center of lawsuit against Nicki and Kenneth further alleged the couple of intimidation tactics.

In the interview, Jennifer, when asked if she has spoken with Nicki directly said she did early last year when Nicki called her and requested to fly her and family to Los Angeles which she turned down.

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She further alleged that the couple have been harassing her by sending numbers of people to negotiate.

“Nicki is the one who personally reached out to me in regard helping them in this situation, and then the threats that I received for saying no to every offer and suggestion”

Affirming that, Jennifer alleged that one of the couple’s associates offered $20,000 which she rejected.

“I feel like the actions that were taken in regards to this whole situation put me in a different type of fear at my age, and it was wrong,” Hough told the daytime talk show hosts. “The only way not to be afraid is to continue to speak up.”

Hough recalled the time she says Petty raped her before school that year. Hough encountered Petty at the bus stop and he put an object in her back and forced her into a nearby house.

Meanwhile, Minaj claimed Hough and Petty were in a relationship and that Petty was 15 at the time. Co-host Adrienne Bailon asked Hough how Minaj’s claims made her feel.

“It was like reliving it again because it was a lie, it wasn’t true, we both were 16, we were never in a relationship. I just felt woman to woman that was wrong of (Minaj),” Hough said.


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