Naveed Aziz : For Armed Forces Use of Technology for innocent People

Naveed Aziz : For Armed Forces Use of Technology for innocent People

Because Pakistani armed forces are world number 1 cheater and plying with Pakistani people and everyone knows for some beneficial reason china participating and obeying very well for Pakistanis and armed forces reached his friends countries easily to treat their country people as like as they want. Today again was my day for the Pakistani armed forces honest officers but they all are only seeking for people and doing every bad manner in Pakistan though their technologies eyes, voice and brain. And their mission is put all these technologies in all to treat as they want. Pakistan Army are using Indian RAW attachment people just for blaming games.

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They blame and use Pakistani women in nights through their armed forces trained people. They faint women and do sexual activities. They use whole nation in these activities either there in no law in which they do anything they want as like Kashmiri Armed forces. Pak Army involves in with the help of technologies. My name is Naveed Aziz and by Allah i can prove anything if Indian armed forces help me to come out from Pakistan to their courtly. Pakistani Army generals and cornels using low level people for contentions in the country and also they use low level armed forces to be fool people of Pakistan. The clue is me. This is true story by Allah: today i was in struggle to met any onset Pak army officer but they have no time to meet me because some of their generals and cornels involve in Pakistani people and i know them.

That’s why the army officers just treading with badly and did everything like Kashmir armed forces do in Kashmir. If you are Indian and knows any indian organization let help me i myself want to come for the treatment of these technologies. I have no police record as a jail bird but Pak Army showing its real face that worldwide don’t know. Even i went in a mosque named jamae naeema lahore a big mosque where childbed recite the holy Quran and the molvi said armed forced are wrong in short words. But because of US attachments PAK Army earn a lot and they act shameless acts in Islam even the qaari told nicely everything with the help of Quran and clearly which means Pak army participant are definitely wrong.

I just have requested to indian army help me to come out their country for the better treatment. And must convey my message for all worldwide if possible. So they knows real faces of PAK Army who hold in Pakistan. I know after this message they will kill me but this my Islam who said convey message for the betterment of Muslims worldwide and its Sunna. You can contact my email.

Please someone from non country give me visa. I’m digital marketer can do work in your country also for your country.


watts app 03362206667

I do also requested Quora professional team to seek someone to help me so i can provide proof for all things that PAK army do with me witout any law.

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