Mistakes to Avoid when writing a Resume/CVs

Mistakes to Avoid when writing a resume

I was busy going through people’s CVs yesterday, and also revamped for some jobseekers (not free though)

I’ve had conversations with HRs and Recruiters over the months about job seeking, CVs, Interviews and the likes which makes it easier for me to write an attractive and job getting CVs

From the CVs of people I’ve checked and revamped, I realize most people make this mistakes which disqualifies them from getting a response not to talk of being invited for interviews

Your CV is a marketing tool that needs to stand out, and must be strategically written

Go through your CVs/Resumes to correct these mistakes;

Top 5 CVs/Resumes Mistakes to Avoid when writing a Resume

1. Number of pages

Please stop sending 6-8 pages CV/ Resume: A resume should be 2 pages max. and CV 4 pages max. In fact I’ll prefer 3 pages for a CV.

Do you think Recruiters or Hiring Managers have much time to spend on a single CV?

It’s more of quality not quantity. You can include the valuable contents needed in 4 pages.

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2. Avoid the use of pictures

Putting Pictures on your CV/Resume is totally not necessary;

Once you have input your Linkedln URL Link on your CV, you need not to add your picture, most especially if you are applying for jobs in countries like Canada, U.S.A, and other countries.

And what has your picture got to do with getting the job?

It’s the skills, experience, and the values you will add that matters to organizations not your picture.

I don’t think pictures are important, and those who have gotten jobs via my trainings and CV revamps never used pictures on their CV/Resume. So it’s not a requirement that makes your CV/Resume a good one

3.Too much of creativity

Limit Creativity in your CV/Resume;

Some people’s CVs be like movie. They will add different colours, and designs, and this makes a recruiter wonder if this person actually wants a banking job or the person is into animation

If you add design and color, or save a CV in a file other than Word or PDF, databases will have difficulty in finding your CV so being creative does not always mean you stand out

4. Be Honest and Trustworthy;

Stop shooting yourself in the leg by adding skills you don’t even have. Just imagine you adding Excel as one of your skills and on getting to the interview, you are asked to perform a task on Excel which you have zero-knowledge about, how will you defend yourself?

That’s why anytime I’m revamping a client’s CV/Resume, I ask important questions just to help them be on a safer side.

It’s not lying that gets you the job, it’s being honest in the little that you possess

5. Poor Formatting:

This is one of the first things Recruiters or Hiring Managers notice when looking at your CV. It can reflect badly on you, as it looks like you don’t pay close attention to details.

Recruiters/Hiring managers are looking for CVs which are easily scannable, well-arranged and professional

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