Microsoft joins the Metaverse race after Facebook opened fire

According to Microsoft, Microsoft has announced 3D avatars and immersive virtual environments for meetings The edge.

Nicole Herskowitz, director of Microsoft Teams, said, “We suffer from meeting fatigue in the virtual world. After 30 or 40 minutes or less in a meeting, it is difficult to maintain focus and interaction.”

After Facebook changed the company name to Meta, made it clear what the company is doing and intends to do.

“All of our products, including apps, now share a new vision: to bring the metaverse to life. And now we have a name that reflects the breadth of what we do. “

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Metaverse battlefield

Metaverse is a virtual universe, also known as a digital universe, that was created by the convergence of virtual reality (AV) and augmented reality (AR), including the sum of all virtual worlds, augmented reality and the internet. Metaverse is a compound word made up of meta – which means transcendental, and verse, short for universe – which means universe. The term is often used to describe the concept of a iteration of the made up of continuous 3D virtual spaces that are shared and connected into a transcendent virtual universe that is perceivable as the real world.

And while Facebook claims to be “more dedicated than any other company in the world” to the of the Internet, Microsoft’s new approach to teams is a huge step forward for the company.

According to The Verge, Microsoft will use AI to hear a person’s voice and use that voice to animate their avatar. Katie Kelly, Lead Product Manager for Microsoft Mesh said:

“We interpret your voice cues to animate this avatar so that the image appears and feels like it is you.”

Kelly added that Microsoft Teams’ new Metaverse interface will be available as early as the first half of next year.

“The goal is that in the first half of the next year you will be able to walk into a living space and then be able to work together and use Microsoft tools.”

Kelly agrees with Zuckerberg, who gave an extremely upbeat look at the Metaverse during the annual Facebook Connect conference last week.

“In the Metaverse you do almost anything you can imagine – meet and family, work, study, play, shop, create. People will be able to teleport themselves as holograms in order to be in the office without having to commute. “

What does crypto have to do with the metaverse?

Metaverse has a close relationship with the NFT. For example, Ethereum’s NFT metaverse game, The Sandbox, rose 244% this week when Facebook’s meta name surfaced.

Microsoft joins the Metaverse race after Facebook opened fire
7 Day SAND Price Chart | Source: Coinecko

The Metaverse hype had a huge impact on other Metaverse tokens, not just The Sandbox.

Another example is Decentraland’s MANA token – a popular game among crypto enthusiasts. MANA grew more than 200% after Facebook changed its company name.


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