Mavourneenglam: I do not like trouble and will not give wrong item

Mavourneenglam, a dealer in thrift wears,beads,aso oke,earrings,bracelets has said that she does not like trouble is the reason she will not give out wrong items.

This was disclosed to Empiregist correspondent in an online interview via her Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Aishat also said Aso oke is an attire for elites vowed never to fail customers.

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Mavourneenglam further said that the “what I ordered for vs what I got” is a result of greed and lack of honesty. In the sense that, buyer will go for cheap accessory (which could be a cloned product)and want to have the quality of original product and lack of honesty as sellers will not give details of originality to customer.


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