Man With World’s Largest Kidney Gets It Removed

Doctors have removed the “world’s largest” kidney from a in Dubai. The organ weighed 9lbs 3oz – more than an average newborn baby. The 56-year-old patient also had his second kidney, which was also severely enlarged, removed.

The operation took place at Dubai Hospital after the complained he was unable to walk or talk, and he is now living on dialysis while waiting for a kidney transplant according to Sun UK.

Surgeons operated on Ahmad Saeed, taking out both of his enlarged kidneys, after diagnosing him with polycystic kidney disease. It had caused several cysts to form on the ’s kidneys.

The larger of the two measured 34cm by 17cm in diameter and weighed 9lbs 3oz. In contrast, a normal kidney measures around 12cm by 6cm and weighs 5oz.

World's largest kidney

Doctors at the hospital said the kidneys are the ever reported. The last world record, they noted, was set at 4lbs 6oz.

Saeed’s polycystic kidney disease, caused his kidneys to swell in size. They grew so big they were soon crushing his internal organs, forcing him to undergo surgery.

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Saeed told how his failing led him to become depressed and withdrawn. He said:

the surgery, I felt so tired and had an enlarged stomach. I didn’t feel like talking to friends or going out at all. I couldn’t walk properly and I just wanted to stay in my room with the door closed. Now, I am back to normal, I can move, I can jump and I can run. No one believes that I have had both kidneys removed.

He is currently undergoing dialysis and in the next few months will undergo a kidney transplant.

Saeed’s kidneys were removed in 2016 but have only just been verified with a certificate from the Guinness Book of World Records. This is because they were waiting on photographic evidence of the organs.

Dr. Fariborz Bagheri, head of the Urology Department at Dubai Hospital, said:

The Guinness World Records requested photographic evidence of the kidneys on the weighing scale, which we didn’t have as we contacted them months after the kidneys were removed.


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