Man Shot Dead In The Middle Of Facebook Livestream

A 24-year-old man was dead by a masked gunman barged into his home in Puerto Rico while he was streaming live on Facebook.

Julio César Castillo was singing and drinking from a bottle in the living room of his residence in the Carolina housing development Eduardo J. Saldaña in Puerto Rico on Monday at 7:13 pm when the assailant fired at him five times.

The Dominic Republican native got up from his couch and ran to another side of the apartment before he tripped and fell.

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The shooter subsequently came into the view of the camera and let off a flurry of shots before he ran out of ammunition and reloaded.

A homicide detective with the Puerto Rico Police’s Criminal Investigations Corps said that the was recovering from a single gunshot wound at a hospital in Rio Piedras according to Daily Mail.

The agent was unable to confirm if the teen was related to Castillo. The killer remained on the run as of Wednesday afternoon.

According to Dominican Republic digital news out La Colonia El Cedro Miches, Castillo had reportedly had fled to Puerto Rico on a raft several months ago after allegedly killing a in the Miches neighborhood, La Boca del Río.

Miches, a city in the province of El Seibo, is located 109 miles of Santo Domingo, the capital of the Caribbean nation.

The detective could not confirm if Castillo was wanted for murder.


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