Man Lures Ladies With Fake Job Vacancies, Rapes, Tortures And Takes Their Nude Pics

Man lures ladies with fake job vacancies

Man Lures Ladies With Fake Job Vacancies

Operatives of the Lagos Police Command have arrested one Kingsley Onuorah for luring unsuspecting women with fake job vacancies sexually assaulting them.

Empiregist News gathered that Onuorah who works at Alaba International Market as a manager with one of the mobile phones outfits, ITEL, advertised vacant positions and consequently lured applicants to his apartment to submit their Curriculum Vitae.

One of the Operating Officers of the Advocates for Children and Vulnerable Peoples Network noted that Onuorah had deployed a tactic to deceive applicants that a Human Resources representative would come to his house for the CV.

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In the process, however, Onuorah will allegedly lock up his victim, preventing them from going home and subjecting them to rape and torture for days to his satisfaction.

His cover was blown after he met his last victim, a 23-year-old lady, whose sister was resilient in ensuring her return.

Onuorah is now in the custody of the Criminal Investigation and Intelligent Department (SCIID), Panti, Yaba.

The ACVPN officer said, “Kingsley Onuorah is a manager with ITEL, one of the mobile phone outfits in Alaba International Market Branch.

“Kingsley is a sociopath who specialises in luring vulnerable women and young girls. He advertises vacant positions and applicants are asked to come with their CV which happens to be his apartment.

“Whenever the applicants query why the location for submission is his house, he would quickly tell them the HR representative would come to his house and pick up the CV.

“He takes advantage of them by sexually molesting the women and young girls.

“The last survivor he did the same to is a 23-year-old woman whom he lured to his apartment. He made her cook noodles, he then raped her and kept her for five days.

“Thank God for the survivor’s sister who was very resilient and determined to get back her missing sister and it paid off.

“He was arrested by the officers from Ojo Police Station. Kingsley initially denied setting his eyes on the survivor, but when his phone was properly checked, the missing lady’s nude picture was found in the phone.

“Other women’s nude pictures were also there. This was how Kingsley broke down and he admitted the survivor was in his custody.

”She was found inside Kingsley’s apartment. He’s presently with the Criminal Investigation Department, Panti.

“Kingsley’s relatives have offered the survivor’s guardian N150,000 to withdraw the matter but the no-nonsense OC Gender Anti-Human Trafficking Unit, SCID, Panti has insisted that justice must prevail.”


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