Man Causes Traffic as He Proposes to Girlfriend Inside Roundabout [WATCH VIDEO]

A Ghanaian believed to be a member of popular event and catering service, Menscook, has proposed to his longtime girlfriend in super grand style on a busy roundabout.

Love is indeed a beautiful thing and those who are lucky enough to find it usually cannot wait to share the good news with the world.

Perhaps what makes love an amazing experience whenever it happens despite the fact that it seems like an everyday human thing is how different people go about it.

The has raised the standard for public proposals as he asked his girlfriend to marry him in the middle of a busy roundabout.

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In videos fast going viral, the young is seen walking his girlfriend into a rock garden in a roundabout to ask her to marry him.

From the looks of it, the proposal was carefully planned and executed to precision on a project that included police personnel, some friends of the to-be-groom and lots of flowers.

Taking into account how the whole proposal unfolded, it could be deciphered that the young asked the police to stop them at the roundabout where some flowers had been placed to set a romantic mood.

The lady who appeared quite confused over the stop, suddenly switched moods whilst en route to the garden in the roundabout and saw the famous “Will you marry me?” question.

Upon seeing it, her eyes lit up and she hugged her who officially asked her to marry him amid cheers from other Menscook members who had by now sprung out of their hiding places.

The young lady was so joyous she had challenges standing still as she basked in the special moment and over the thought of finally been taken off the spinsters’ market.

Watch the video below:


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