Man Caught Having S£x With Step Daughter In A Car

A 45 year-old man identified as Dany Chungu was allegedly caught doing the unthinkable with his step daughter in his car in Mindolo, Kitwe, Zambia.

Empiregist News gathered that Chungu and his 26-year-old step daughter, Sinevia were caught on Tuesday night around 8pm by members of the public in Mindolo after they found them uncad in a car enjoying each other.

The two were said to have been taken to police where they are currently detained.

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According to report, the two have been sleeping together for quiet some time and the has a 4-year-old boy and it is believed that the baby might be of the step and not the she claimed was responsible.

On hearing the shocking news last night, Sinevia’s mother collapsed and was rushed to the where she is currently admitted and receiving medication. Doctors say her BP was too high.

The publication reported that it is becoming common in Zambia for step fathers to abuse their step daughters to an extent of making them their second wives from their mothers.


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