Lady secretly films roommate being chewed by boyfriend in a hostel (VIDEO)

A video currently circulating on give an account of a lady trying to tell the world what goes on in the hostels on the campus of the University of Ghana (Legon) .

In the video, loud sound could be heard from a amidst sounds that suggest ‘chewing.

The video shows a lady filming the shock on her face to the moans that were coming from her roommate.

After capturing the surprising look on her face whilst covering her mouth in shock, she decided to turn the camera focus to the place the action was going on and it showed that it has happened on the bed opposite the one she was lying on.

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However, a piece of cloth was used to cover the side of the bed which was against a wall, this then gives the partners in the act some but of privacy to implement their desires.

The video has since shocked some users who have a lot to say. “Eiii so the boyfriend ’t get a h0tel,” @kittypink909 wrote with @blacktigwe1 saying that “I swear I’m going to apply for this sukuu”.

Others are also trying hard to use the identity of the lady who filmed her facial expression to identify her roommate.

Watch the video HERE



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