Lady Accuses Eniola Badmus Of Destroying Her Phone After Taking Photos With Her

Eniola Badmus has been accused of destroying a she met on the club’s phone after giving her permission to take some photos with her.

According to the lady, she met Eniola Badmus at a club in Lagos and asked her whether she could take some photos with her which she accepted but the next thing Eniola Badmus did after the photo was to seize her phone.

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After seizing the phone, Eniola Badmus went ahead to delete all the photos they took and even broke or smashed her phone after which she asked the bouncer to kick her out and never allow her to enter the club again.

The since then has been calling Eniola Badmus out to come and explain what she did wrong for her to be treated in such a manner and also replace her phone which cost N350k as she doesn’t understand why she would do that.

If the ’s accusation against Eniola Badmus is true, then she didn’t do well to treat a fan like that without telling her what she did wrong and the lady is right in wanting to know the offence that warranted such treatment from her.

If Eniola Badmus gave the the chance to take photos with her, why then will she take her phone to delete these same photos if she could have declined in the first place and even go-ahead to the phone of the lady?

screenshot below;

Eniola badmus

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