i2 models management revisits models’ suspension and rustication files

Out of excitement, i2 modeling agency revisits the files of models on suspension and this according to the head was as a result of the excitement after a practical class which was held on the 28th of August.

“The practical class took the whole of the Saturday. After the models left the I stayed back to do a selection of the pictures.

To my surprise, I saw much more than I expected. In order to express my excitement, I asked the models to vote on should return from suspension and rustication, models who they have missed”

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After the vote, models Dhrey on suspension won Loveth with over 80% vote, while model Noel, has been rusticated for over three months also won Jay with over 80%
These two models’ offense files were revisited and their penalties were withdrawn. With no hesitation, the said models were humbly welcomed back to the Agency.


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