i2 Modeling Agency Top Model To Face Suspension

Earlier today, i2 Modeling Agency and Academy discloses the suspension notification of one of her top model, Ogunbambi James, popularly known as DHREY.

According to Coach Justice, Dhrey committed an offence of denier, when he, Dhrey uploaded on his instagram handle a task of the and tagged another modeling body before the Agency.

The suspension was sent to the Agency’s WhatsApp group as thus:


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Suspension Alert!

i2model Dhrey has been suspended for thirty(30) days for committing the following offense.

He uploaded his recent shoot, a task completed by him for the and mentioned another modeling body(The Model Look Africa) before mentioning the Agency, thereby putting them first before the Agency in the task that is solely that of the Agency.
Maybe those who knows the use and importance of mentioning on instagram would understand better.

This offence is a big one and you all should TAKE HEED

i2 model suspension

i2 model suspension

On this note, the is saying a big SHOUT-OUT to i2model Tiwa, Ope and other models who have always put the Agency first when necessity demands.

i2MA² ”

According to the notification, i2model Dhrey has thirty days off the Agency’s activities, of which would last from today, 22nd of August to 21st of September.

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