i2 Modeling Agency deals returning model out on contract for religious reasons

The Agency, i2Models resigns Ogunjobi Ifeoluwa Azeezat , dropped out of the due to parental control which also was as a result of religious reasons. It became known that the model, Ife discloses the heartbreaking news to the Agency soon after her Modeling Camping and Housing at Idanrehills, Ondo state, Nigeria.

The proposes preparation and requirements to meet her religious needs. Regardless of this, Ife was not denied of her decision to dropout.

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Recently, it was announced that Ife is resuming modeling as a returning model to the Agency. The has resigned and also made a better preparation that best suit her religion, Islam.

According to the notification received, Ife would be on contract deal with another Modeling Agency, Kano Model which is strictly an Islamic related Agency in Kano state, Nigeria. They would be in charge of Ife’s modeling career for the mean time, one year. According to the report, it would be up to Ife to join i2models for rehearsals, classes or whatsoever anytime it pleases her, as stated by her Coach.

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