I had many girlfriends before I met Christ : Pastor Adeboye shared how he healed his ex-girlfriend’s son

The respected  Pastor recounted how he healed his ex-girlfriend’s son after giving his life to Christ.

According to the general overseer of the Church, he had many girlfriends before giving his life to Christ. Surprisingly, he met one of them after God called him.

He revealed that the young woman had a lame son and brought him to heal him, but he was surprised to see that he was a of God who was planning to heal her son.

When telling the incident, the clergy said:

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“I told you that before I gave my life to Jesus Christ, I had many, many girlfriends. But among all of them, there was one that I did everything with, and I won’t tell you the details.

“Then, we separated. She went her way; I went my way. We didn’t see for years, and she got married, and I got married.

“In the meantime, I got born again. When I was working at the University of Ilorin, looking after our little church there, in the meantime, they transferred her husband also to Ilorin.

“She had given birth to a that was born lame. Someone told her there is a pastor up there; take your child to him. If he prays for the child, the child will walk. So, she came to the mission house.

“She saw some people at the veranda, and said ‘I want to see the pastor’. They said he is inside. And then she came in and saw me. We greeted. Old flames. How are you? Long time, no see. Where have you been.

“And then she said ‘I want to see the pastor’. And I said yes, I help you? She said ‘I said I want to see the pastor’. I said I am the pastor. She said, ‘you?’ I said yes. ‘You are the pastor?’ I said yes. She said ‘you will pray and God will answer?’

“She didn’t know that I have already met the Lord Jesus Christ, that old things have passed away, that all things have become new. And we prayed a simple prayer and the began to walk.”


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