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Here Are All of Windows 11’s New Features



Windows 11's New Features

Microsoft’s next version of Windows is officially here.

Windows 11 will be available this holiday season as a free update for anyone who owns a newer Windows 10 PC. The revamped desktop operating system includes the interface makeover that’s long been rumored, better game features brought over from Microsoft’s Xbox consoles, and a new app store that offers access to Windows and Android apps.

Let’s dive in.


Welcome Home

Windows 11's New Features

Windows 11 will feature a centered Start Menu. Image: Microsoft

Windows 11 has been radically modernized, with reconfigured dark and light themes and rounded corners to top off every window. Microsoft Chief Product Officer Panos Panay described the new windows in a Thursday press event as looking “like a sheet of glass.”

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The Start Menu has been moved to the center of the Taskbar. There’s a search bar embedded within so you can find documents and apps, plus a recommended section to jump back to what you were doing. The Start Menu also relies on “cloud power” to know what you were working on and where you last left off across devices.

Windows 11 introduces new Snap Layouts, an upgrade to the Snap feature originally introduced in Windows 7. Carmen Zlateff, partner director of the Windows user experience, showed off the new feature. When you hover over the usual spot to maximize the window, you can choose from pre-determined window layouts to pin different apps and documents as you need. The options will depend on the overall resolution of your screen, and Windows will hold on to that layout if you’re working between different desktops. In addition, desktops can be assigned their own wallpapers and app shortcuts, so you can have a different profile for every kind of situation that you use your PC for (work, gaming, etc.).

Windows 11's New Features

Widgets are fully customizable and sprout up only when you want them. Image: Microsoft


Widgets are also official on Windows 11. A button on the taskbar will reveal a widgets layout that you can customize with feeds for the weather, calendar, and stocks. You can also curate your own news feeds, from local publications to more well-known global outlets.

Microsoft users who rely on the two-in-one convertible devices will see new changes that will make it easier to switch between modes. Microsoft refined the way the operating system handles going from computer to tablet mode. With the Surface tablet, for instance, the tablet UI will engage as soon as you detach the keyboard. If you rotate the device, the rest of the Windows 11 interface will follow suit. There’s also a new touch keyboard that works and acts like the ones you’re used to on your iOS and Android mobile devices, plus voice typing and new haptics for styluses to add more tangible experiences across the board. For folks who rely on a laptop connected to an external monitor for work but like to unhook for play, Windows will minimize the apps instead of keeping the desktop.

A look at the new Windows 11 “tablet” interface. Screenshot: Microsoft

Brand New Storefront

With the new interface changes in Windows 11, Microsoft also redid its app store. All Windows apps can be easily found, including Progressive Web Apps, Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, and Win32 apps. Microsoft will allow app developers to choose their commerce platform and in-app payment systems, allowing them to keep 100% of revenue. (Ahem, Apple.)

Android apps from Amazon’s Appstore will also be integrated within the OS. So you’ll be able to access apps like Ring, TikTok, and Kindle, without the usual rigamarole required to do that kind of emulation. An Amazon account will be required, but otherwise, it’ll look and feel like a Windows app—likely similar to the situation we have now with Google’s Chrome OS and Android apps from the Play Store.


Great for Games, Too

Microsoft will integrate Xbox Games into Windows 11. Image: Microsoft


What would Windows be without its gaming legacy? Windows 11 has new features to improve your gaming experience, carried over from the Xbox consoles. Windows 11 will enable Auto HDR to help update the lighting and color profiles on games to a high dynamic range. From the demonstration that Microsoft showed off, Auto HDR can make seemingly ageless titles like Skyrim appear like fresh experiences.

Windows 11 will also introduce Direct Storage. The API is designed to help speed up game loading times and improve the performance of games by eliminating storage-related bottlenecks. It’s a feature that’s already in use on the Xbox Series S and X.

Lastly, Xbox Games Pass will be built right into Windows 11. For a monthly subscription, you can access the library of cloud-available games right from your PC. There are cloud-saving abilities, and Microsoft will also allow crossplay with other devices.

Microsoft’s Messages

Microsoft Teams are for co-workers and family. Screenshot: Microsoft


In what can only be described as a response to Apple’s cross-device messaging platform (and a way to one-up Google on what it hasn’t been able to accomplish in the messaging realm), Microsoft spent a little time extolling the virtues of using Teams to connect with friends, family, and co-workers. The demonstration showed Teams integration directly in Windows, with one app to facilitate cross-platform text chat, voice calling, and video calling.

Windows 11 will be available to everyone later this year. Until then, Windows Insiders will have access to a preview build to prepare for its arrival and will be able to check that out starting next week. Not every Windows PC will be able to run Windows 11, though. You can check out this tool to see if your PC will be compatible with Windows 11. Otherwise, you may have to upgrade—if you even want to use Windows 11 at all.



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Will Twitter’s ‘poison pill’ be too tough for Elon Musk to swallow?



Poison pill

The so-called “poison pill” Twitter has proposed to use against Elon Musk’s potential hostile takeover is a mechanism with a proven track record that could force the outspoken entrepreneur into negotiations.

To halt a takeover, the board plans to activate the pill if the Tesla CEO comes to own more than 15 percent of Twitter.

He already holds 9.2 percent of the company and said Thursday he has ready the $46.5 billion necessary to make an offer for the rest.


Such a “pill” would allow other Twitter shareholders to purchase shares at half price, increasing the amount of shares in circulation and weakening Musk’s influence.

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It would then be nearly impossible for him to take total control of the company without having to spend significantly more than he had originally planned.

“The dilution created by this defence has generally served its intended deterrence effect,” explained Eric Wehrly, associate professor of finance at Western Washington University.

The “poison pill” was invented 40 years ago by business lawyer Martin Lipton to counteract a wave of hostile takeovers on Wall Street.


“It was the age of the corporate raiders,” Lipton explained to the media site The Deal in 2011, from investors such as Carl Icahn to Kirk Kerkorian.

Quickly contested in court, the practice was declared legal for the first time in 1985 by the Delaware Supreme Court — a tax friendly state where Twitter, although officially based in Californian, is incorporated.

“Delaware is the home to roughly half of publicly traded companies in the US and has fairly well established law regarding the implementation of poison pills,” said Jon Karpoff, a finance professor at the University of Washington.

“Unless there’s something unusual about Twitter’s pill, which I would highly doubt… Musk would be unlikely to have a successful legal challenge,” he said.


Boston College associate law professor Brian Quinn doesn’t think the issue will even end up in court.

“Elon Musk has no case,” he said.

Negotiate and rally
An alternative to acquiring the majority of the company would be for Musk to change the makeup of the board, according to Quinn, installing new members more in line with his vision for Twitter.

But the agenda for Twitter’s next general meeting, on May 25, is already set, meaning Musk would have to wait until the next general meeting in 2023 to even bring it up.


And the board of directors can only be removed in batches, anyways.

Some members’ terms are up this year, while others will remain in their position until 2023, 2024 or 2025.

Musk wouldn’t be able to win over a majority of the board until at least 2024.

According to Quinn, “there’s no record of an acquirer overcoming the pill by replacing the board through two successive elections.”


“The only option for an acquirer is to negotiate with the board of directors,” Quinn said, presumably by proposing an even higher offer, but without any guarantee of success.

And in the event of a negotiation, Musk wouldn’t be able to count on the support of former Twitter head and co-founder Jack Dorsey, unless there is a quick resolution.

Dorsey, who has previously expressed affinity for the billionaire, announced after his resignation in November that he would not run for another term as director and would step down after this year’s meeting.

In tandem with the official negotiations, Musk would have to start making his case to shareholders, according to Karpoff, a task which has already begun — mainly by tweeting.


“And I think his personal popularity among a lot of people will help them in that,” Karpoff said.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if we even got a bunch of retail investors involved in struggling to acquire Twitter shares, and joining the attempt to pressure board members to strike a deal with Musk.”


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5G Licence: NCC confirms payment of $273.6m each by MTN, Mafab




• ITU adds standard to technology

Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) has said provisional winners of the 3.5GHz spectrum licence, MTN Communications Nigeria Plc and Mafab Communications Limited, have made full payment of $273.6 million each for the 5G Spectrum licence to the commission.
Executive Vice Chairman of NCC, Prof. Umar Danbatta, officially confirmed the payment yesterday, February 24, 2022, just as the deadline set for the two winners of the spectrum auction elapsed.

As part of the auction process emplaced by the commission in the Information Memorandum (IM), three companies, namely MTN Nigeria, Mafab Communications Ltd and Airtel Networks Ltd, submitted bids with an initial bid deposit (IBD) of $19.74 million, representing 10 per cent of the Reserve Price of the 3.5GHz Spectrum by close of the November 29, 2021 submission.


Following the successful auction on December 13, 2021, and the emergence of MTN and Mafab as winners, they were required to pay the balance of the bid amount of $253.86 million on or before February 24, 2022.

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However, aside from the $273.6 million payment, MTN paid an additional $15.9 million, being the bidding sum is offered at the assignment state of the spectrum auction, making it clinch its preferred Lot 1 (3500-3600 Megahertz-MHz) in the 3.5Ghz spectrum, while Mafab Communications, which bided lower at the assignment stage, consequentially settled with Lot 2 (3700-3800Mhz) at no extra cost.

THIS was as ​​​​​​​​​​members of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), yesterday, approved the fourth technology as part of ongoing standards development for 5G mobile services.

Known as “DECT 5G-SRIT”, the new technology supports a range of uses, from wireless telephony and audio streaming to the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) applications, particularly in smart cities.

It was added in the first revision to ITU’s key recommendation IMT-2020, which broadly encompasses fifth-generation, or 5G, networks, services, and devices.

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Top Platforms to make money online.



Platforms to make money online

You must have been thinking of ways to make money online, where to start, which platform to use?
Worry no more, this article is an eye-opener. sit back as I take you through.

There are millions of platforms online to when you google search but you get pissed off, Worry no more like I said earlier.

Below are Platforms to make money online.

 Getty Images 
Getty Images is a British- American visual media company that help freelance photographers and videographers to submit a portfolio and apply to be a contributors.
The site helps you in the sale of photos, videos and illustrations.
Are you a photographer or want to be? now it’s time to turn your passion to money.


 E- Commerce
By starting your online business you get more money than connected to a third party platforms. you can start your own website for your business, set your rules, design and lot more.
all you need to start with is get a domain name, pay for hosting ( I recommend namecheap for a start) set the website up using WordPress for easy use. No coding knowledge needed, promote the website to get visitors to know about your business and possibly buy your product.

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Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance service. The platform provides freelancers to offers services to client’s worldwide.
There are lots of categories on Fiverr, all you do is select category that fit your skills.
Update your profile, post your previous and recent jobs, gather reviews for the more reviews, the more clients dive into your profile.

Nexus Notes
Nexus Notes is another online marketplace for students mostly university students.
on this platform students can learn from other students in which you upload your course note for others to download while you get paid.
It allows users to upload their assignment and questions to get opinions.

This is refers to providing solutions to problems in a text format which is self published online.
To make money from this, you have to create a blog first, design it, get traffic, and apply for monetization using any of the following “GoogleAdsense, Ezoic, adsterra, propeller and so on.



Youtube is one of the biggest platform to start with. YouTube is not restricted to age, it is open to everyone.
All you need is one a Google mail account knows as Gmail, download the youtube app, login, create a channel.
Start creating nice video content them upload and start gathering your audience. you have 365 days to gather one thousand(1,000) subscribers and four thousand (4,000) watch hour. After this step you apply for monetization and get ads to display. if you content are nice, big brands ( companies) might show interest wanting you to advertise their products.

There are tons of ways to make money online, Mind you all this are not a get rich fast scheme but with time, you are a future millionaire/billionaire

Here are other ways to make money online

User Test
Slice therapy
Honey gain


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