GH UPDATE: Moesha Boduong’s pastor breaks silence after Ayisha Modi threatened to expose his secret

The Head Pastor of The Revelation Church International, Gabriel Ibe has finally broken his silence after Ayisha Modi threatened to expose him for trying to destroy Moesha Boduong.

Recall that Moesha Boduong got converted after she visited Gabriel Ibe’s church.

Pastor Gabby Ibe after Ayisha Modi threatened him has taken to Instagram to post a cryptic message.

He wrote:



I just want to thank you for who you are , what you do and how much of your love that flows through me.

Deeply grateful that you chose me as one of your dear son’s, thank you Father for the DNA of your Spirit that is in me.

I stand as a brand plucked out of fire, the Lion of of the tribe of Judah gave birth to me and GRACE made me before I was born.


Meanwhile, model Victoria Michaels has warned people who are spreading ‘lies’ about her, Pastor Gabby Ibe and his church to stop.

She said Moesha is doing fine and that people should pray for salvation for her soul.

“My sister-in-Christ Maurecia @moeshaboduong is fine and in a place where is being taken care of and counselled. Please stop spreading lies about me, Pastor Gabriel, the church @wearerevelationint and the body of Christ,” she noted on Instagram.

“You all have no idea what is going on. My sister @queenafiaschwarzenegger knows more than anyone else that Maurecia called people to her home and gave things out to the poor for reasons I can’t share. I knew nothing about it until she mentioned it on phone. That’s all I can say for those spreading lies. You say properties were sold? Which properties are these? She has not given anything to the church or the pastor. No property has been sold and proceeds given to the church or the pastor. Family members of her choice know where she is and are working with the church to ensure she is well taken care of.”

She asked for forgiveness for those who are spreading ‘lies’ about Moesha, too.

“Do not allow what you see on social media to mislead you. Not all that glitters is gold my people. Maurecia is still here with us and she will eventually come out and tell the truth you all seek. May God forgive all the people spreading lies. All I expect the body of Christ to do now is pray pray pray for the salvation of her soul so that what the Lord has begun in her life will be permanent. I am not perturbed by the lies. I just had to clear the air. The battle is beyond the physical but the Lord has given us victory already. Shalom!!” she concluded.

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