GH UPDATE: Korle-Bu Bullion Van Robbery: Police Arrest 215 Suspects In A big Swoop

The police have arrested 215 suspected criminals in a big swoop Accra The swoop follows recent robberies one of which has claimed the life of a policeman Out of the 215 suspects, 17 are reported to be women Two hundred and fifteen people have been arrested in a swoop by the Greater Accra Regional Police Command. The operation comes on the back of recent robbery attacks in Accra and its environs in the past few weeks. Prominent among these robbery incidents is the Korle-Bu bullion van attack which cost the life of a police constable, Emmanuel Osei, on June 14.

Korle-Bu Bullion Van Robbery

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Apart from the bullion van attack, there had been robberies at Pig Farm and the HoneySuckle area near Danquah Circle, among other incidents According to a statement released by the regional police command, the swoop took place between Thursday, June 17 and Sunday, June 20. The statement indicated the 215 suspects whose ages range from 17 to 52 years consist of 17 females.

Bullion van robbery at Adedenkpo Timber Market A group of armed men attacked a bullion van which was on a daily collection round at Adedenkpo Timber Market near Korle_bu in the James Town area of Accra. Emmanuel Osei who was the police officer escorting the bullion van was shot by the robbers during the operation. Osei who was a member of the police SWAT unit died on the spot of the shooting.

A day after the sad incident, the IGP, James Oppong Boanuh, visited the family of the slain police officer. The IGP who was accompanied by an entourage from the policy hierarchy assured the family of bringing the perpetrators to book.


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