Germany Flood : Death tolls 120, about 1,300 people missing

Germany’s worst flood rate tolls 120 while about 1,300 people were still uncounted for in Germany and parts of Belgium.

Although Germany’s authorities said the high number of wanted people could be caused by the disrupted roads and telephone service.

German Frank-Walter Steinmeier while reacting to the incident expressed shock and dissatisfaction over the flooding noting that action needed to be taken to prevent future such catastrophes.

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“Only if we take up the fight against climate change decisively, we will be able to prevent extreme weather conditions such as those we are experiencing,” Steinmeier said in an address today Friday at Berlin.

Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel has reacted to the incident and she said “heavy and flooding doesn’t quite capture what has happened in Germany”

“We don’t know the toll yet, but it’s going to be high” Merkel said. “Some died in their basements, some as firefighters trying to bring others to safety.”

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