Feminist coalition donate to support Lekki massacre’s victims

Feminist coalition donates

Feminist coalition has donated cash of over fifteen million Naira to support victims of the Lekki massacre and other places across Nigeria.

The organization who disclosed this today on their Twitter handle has been sponsoring the peaceful Endsars protest alongside other sponsors in Nigeria over the few days of the Nigerian youths demonstration.

We’re moving to only accepting donations in Bitcoin using BTC Pay. BTC Pay is a free, secure, decentralized and censorship-resistant platform, which makes it our best option, given the past few days #EndPoliceBrutalityinNigeria


Please donate here: https://t.co/FvsEKetUL9″ the organization requested for more hands to sponsor the peaceful demonstration.

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The feminist coalition is a group of young Nigerian feminists formed in July 2020 with a mission to champion equality for women in Nigerian society with a core focus on education, financial freedom and representation in public office. We are fighting injustice through peaceful protests, fundraising, and social media organisation with a vision for a Nigeria where equality for all people is a reality in our laws and everyday lives.

The coalition has reportedly gathered Fifteen million three hundred and eighty-five thousand six hundred and five Naira(15,385,605), the breakdown expenses is;
For food,water and general resources : Four million four hundred and forty five thousand (4,445,000)
For medical bills, blood and ambulances : Ten million four hundred and one thousand hundred and five (10,401,005)
Emergency food and accommodation for injured victims: Five hundred and thirty-nine thousand six hundred (539,600). Feminist coalition further revealed that the fund raised was over Seventy five million one hundred and ninety thousand three hundred and five Naira eleven kobo and the disbursed amount is Fifty-six million four hundred and three thousand two hundred and thirty-five naira.

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