Female student loses her life during a bitter fight over boyfriend (VIDEO)

A report coming from Zimbabwe reveals how two female fought bitterly over a boy which ended the life of one of them while the other has been incarcerated. 

The deceased, 15 fatally stabbed by her rival, 16 during a confrontation. According to a police statement, the two were fighting over who was the main lover of their teenage boyfriend.

According to report, the ’s 14-year-old cousin handed her a knife which was used in committing the murder during the scuffle.

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The victim died shortly after. Zimbabwe police say investigations are underway as they have possession of the underage suspect.

In a related news, two of Accra Technical university, Ghana have been captured in a video fighting dirty over a on campus in broad daylight.

Empiregist News gathered that the duo fell out over a who is said to be dating the two of them together.

This online news medium reports that the said is known in the vicinity for extravagant lifestyle of which the two ladies were beneficiaries without the knowledge of the other.

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It is unclear how they came to the realisation that they were actually rivals, but as the reality dawned on them, they engaged in exchange of words proceeding a step further to exchange fisticuffs.

Watch the video HERE


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