Elon Musk advises cryptocurrency users and antagonists

Elon Musk advises cryptocurrency users

The richest man in the world, Elon Musk has advised both the cryptocurrency investors and the antagonizers of crypto system.

The Tesla’s and SpaceX entrepreneur who disclosed this in an outdoor interview at the roadside by TMZ persuaded the crypto investors not to invest their life savings on cryptocurrency.

“Don’t invest your life savings on cryptocurrency, don’t go too far on crypto” Elon Musk said repeatedly.

He further reiterated this on his Twitter handle with a caption saying cryptocurrency is promising but please invest with caution.

Elon Musk further revealed that the cryptocurrency coins were invented as a joke but it is now the real currency.

Recalled that on 24 March, 2021, he accepted Bitcoin as a mode of payment for purchasing Teslar products, and also promised to retain the payment of those products as Bitcoin instead of fiat currency

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