‘Don’t Just Give Your Parents Money In Their Old Age, Give Them Things Money Can’t Buy’ – Reno Omokri

Former presidential aide, has suggested that parents deserve more than money when they get to their old age.
According to the renowned author, people should try and give their parents things money can’t buy when they get to their old age.

He made this known in a recent post he made on his verified handle on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

“Don’t just give your parents money in their old age. Give them something more than money. Give them your attention. Call them often. More of their friends die as they age and they suffer from loneliness. Ease their pain. In fact, stop reading this and call them now.”

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Read some comments the post got below;

@Spicenatur – Ok, that’s if my mum’s phone is not inside the wardrobe or under her pillow.

@SavvyBriggs – Honestly speaking, I couldn’t wait to complete reading this message. I had to call my mum immediately, called her some sweet names, told her how I’m missing her and told her how very special she is to me. From the phone I can tell how happy and fulfilled she was. Thank you so much @renoomokri you’ve added more years to her life. Right now I’m sure she’s still smiling and very happy. God bless you and your family.

@20legendunited – I really always want to do this,but she has lost the phone i got her last year,right now no money to get another one…reading this made me miss her the more…I just wish……

@mecvicksmechas – After reading this, I paused and call my Dad. Guess, he started praying for me because it was his time for midnight prayers. Sir @renoomokri, your tweet became a blessing to me. God bless you too. It’s been a while I called him. Dad and I were happy I called.

@Spirit_n_Human – I just did.. thank you sir.
Oh, what a joy that filled her soul when I called..
She said she was this close to depression. That nothing impress her no more… So sad.
Thank u sir

@chizomamstep – I feel so pained when I see people abandon their parents in old people’s homes. They forget that’s when their parents need them the most. Thanks for this message.


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