Children’s day: MayorOsunletiInitiative campaign against drug abuse

In celebration of 2021 Children’s Day, Mayor Initiative campaigned against drug abuse in Ondo State Schools.

The team led by Mayor Oluwafemi Osunleti and accompanied as media partner by empiregist enlightened the students of St Joseph College Ondo and Jubilee Grammar School on the dangers in drug abuse/substances.

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Mayor and Omotoshola Sharimakin, the orators at the event advised female students at Jubilee Grammar School on using drugs in order to cure the pain of their monthly cycle. They further told them that taking drugs without medical prescription is dangerous,giving an example Mayor told them that it is improper for an ulcer patient to take most of the pain relief drugs.

Mayor Initiative team also pledged their commitment to humanity and assured of taking the campaign to all schools in Ondo State, higher institutions precisely.

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