Chelsea fan starts petition to ban Anthony Taylor from refereeing future Blues matches

A Chelsea fan has started a petition for referee to be banned from officiating future Blues fixtures.

Taylor took charge of Chelsea’s highly contentious 1-1 draw with at Anfield, during which he sent Reece James off for a handball offence without having adequately reviewed the VAR monitor.

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The rules remain open to interpretation, and with the ball having ricocheted off of James’ legs and onto his arm, it muddies the waters. However, Taylor appeared to have already made his mind up from what Stockley Park were saying in his ear.

Needless to say, some Chelsea fans aren’t best pleased. One has taken to Twitter to share a petition which pleads for the powers at be to prevent Taylor taking charge of a Chelsea game ever again.

At the time of writing, with the petition having been live for merely ten minutes, it has already soared past 2,000 signatures. That figure will presumably have risen since – you view the live count here.

Of course, without there being any considerable suggestion of bias against Chelsea on Taylor’s part, it is highly unlikely that the FA or PGMOL are going to intervene.

However, if referees are going to be sent to the monitor, they really ought to be encouraged to the footage which is being presented in front of them before brandishing the red card

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