Channels TV staff commits domestic violence

Channels TV staff
Pius Angbo

Mr Pius Angbo a worker at channels TV has committed domestic violence with his wife Dr Ifeanyinwa Angbo by beating her blue black for telling him to stop spending on women.

This was revealed in a viral video on Twitter today where Ifeanyinwa was spotted with bruises on her face saying there has been no peace in the six years marriage with Pius and that she got beaten because she advised him to stop spending recklessly on women.

Report had it that, Ifeanyinwa the wife of Pius, a medical doctor in Owerri just gave birth to their last child four weeks ago via surgery. Ifeanyinwa revealed that her husband has been beaten her while the pregnancy was still three months.


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Meanwhile, Nigerians on Twitter are calling for the arrest of Mr Pius Angbo of Benue State and a worker of channels TV.

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