Botswana launches online visa application platform

Botswana launched an online visa application platform (E-Visa) on Thursday, allowing citizens and tourists to obtain a visa online from their own homes.

During the launch of E-Visa in Botswana’s capital city, Gaborone, Anna Mokgethi, Minister of Nationality, Immigration and Gender Affairs, said that the new platform will improve efficiency, customer satisfaction, and Botswana’s digital footprint.

She said that the old system was very time-consuming because applicants had to fill out forms, attach other required documents, submit them, and pay the required fee to the nearest immigration office.

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Additionally, applicants from outside Botswana were required to have aides who would submit application forms and process payments on their behalf.

The new digital system will replace the manual system and is expected to reduce the ’s investment in money, time, paperwork, and manpower allocated to visa applications while also better serving its visitors.

It is believed that E-Visa moves the entire visa application process to the digital realm. The traveler goes to the country’s E-Visa portal, fills out the application and supporting documents, pays online, and communicates with the authorities via the Internet.

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