Blaqbonez expresses grief and pain in fresh police brutality

Emeka Akumefule,  publicly known  as Blaqbonez yesterday expressed grief and pain as he experienced fresh unleashed  to him by some member of the Nigeria Force.

In the narration he disclosed on his social handle, still harassed him inside the rain yesterday, pulled him out of his car, slapped his brother.

He further referred  to the #Endsar protest which was a against brutality  7 months ago was to no avail also stated that he no longer have faith in country Nigeria.

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” What we fought against just 7 months ago? no single this country is going anywhere. I’m no activist, I’m just a tired Nigerian without any faith in this country.”

I honestly find it hard to say anything about this country, nothing excites me again, nothing saddens me again, I’ve seen too much and now I’m some emotionless zombie. if i die i die, if i live i live.


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